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Einherjar ("ɪəŋ[E-yhn]-hair[h~er]-yar"), meaning "army of one" or "those who fight alone", is a battlefield event which occurs in the Hazhalm Testing Grounds.
The ultimate goal is to gain entry to Valgrind and defeat the dark rider Odin.

The testing grounds are divided into three separate wings, with each wing consisting of three large chambers. Each chamber houses a horde of enemies and a boss-type character known as a Guardian of Asgarth.
All the monsters in a chamber must be defeated within a certain time limit to clear the area.

Once the three chambers in wing I have been cleared, the path to wing II will open.
Only after all three wings have been cleared will players be given the opportunity to enter Valgrind and learn the secret the forbidden chamber holds.


Can I participate?

Only the following can participate in Einherjar:

  • 1. Players who have installed the Aht Urhgan Expansion disc and registered its contents.
  • 2. Players who are level 60 or higher.
  • 3. Solo/Parties/Alliances with 1-36 members.

Note: Players need not have completed any Aht Urhgan missions or mercenary promotion quests to participate.

How do I get in?

Players are required to take the following steps to enter the Hazhalm Testing Grounds:

1. Obtain a Smoldering Lamp icon.png Smoldering Lamp:
Smoldering lamps can be purchased from Kilusha in Nashmau for 60,000 gil. Only one smoldering lamp is necessary for an entire group to enter the battlefield.

2. Make a reservation:

  • Reservations can only be made for wing 2 and 3 battlefields if one of the following qualifications is met:
    • Reserving player possesses all feathers from each of the individual lower tier battlefields.
    • Reserving player possesses the Mark of the Einherjar key item.
  • Reservations may only be made for Valgrind by players who possess at least one feather from each of wings 1, 2, and 3.
    • All players entering Valgrind will also need at least one feather from each of wings 1, 2, and 3.
  • Reservations last 30 minutes from the moment they are made.
  • A reservation's time limit can be viewed in the glowing lamp's help window.
  • If another party already occupies the selected chamber, the smoldering lamp will not light, and players can either select another chamber or wait for the one they chose to open. Note: Odin's Chamber and Odin's Chamber II occupy the same space, so only one or the other may be accessed by a group at any given time.
  • There are no longer any time limitations placed on parties smaller then 6 as of September 2015.

Trading a Smoldering Lamp to the Entry Gate in the Hazhalm Testing Grounds will open a dialogue with several options, including the option to reserve a particular chamber. Upon making the chamber reservation, the Smoldering Lamp will be replaced with a Glowing Lamp icon.png Glowing Lamp.

3. Copy and distribute glowing lamps:
By using the glowing lamp, players can create replicas. These replicas can be traded to other players, allowing them entry into the chamber indicated on the lamp. Up to 36 players can enter the same chamber at once. An unlimited number of glowing lamps can be produced, however, entry into the reserved chamber is limited to the first 36 players to trade their lamp to the gate. Once 36 people have entered the chamber, all remaining lamps will become void, even if players inside the chamber choose to exit. Glowing lamps can be sold on bazaars as well as traded.

4. Enter the chamber:
To enter the reserved chamber, players need only trade their glowing lamp to the Entry Gate and select "yes" from the query window. Note that the player who made the area reservation must enter before any others may enter.

What happens if I leave the area?

If players leave the area via magic or by returning to their Home Points, they will not be allowed re-entry into the chamber, regardless of time remaining on the reservation. After entering a chamber, players will be required to wait at least 20 Earth hours before they can enter the training grounds again.

  • Note: The person that makes the reservation, their timer starts the moment they did or after the 3 minute entrance grace period, it's one of them. Not once they actually enter.

Players can check the amount of time remaining (in Vana'diel days) before they may re-enter Hazhalm by checking the Entry Gate in Hazhalm Testing Grounds.

If all players in a chamber remain KO'd for more than 3 minutes, everyone will be teleported out of the area.

Note: If a player leaves their reserved chamber by Teleporting, Returning to their Home Point, or any forms of Warp, any ampoules of viscous Therion Ichor is forfeit.

  • A player teleported out of the area to the entrance in order to be compensated with earned Ichor. This can be done the following ways:
  • Dropping your Glowing Lamp.
  • Being teleported out of the area upon all participants being KO'd for 3 minutes.
  • Time expiration.

What do I do inside?

Players do not need to be in the same party and/or alliance to participate in battles fought within the chambers. In addition, all players will be allowed to lot on any items found via a chamber-wide loot pool. The name of the player with the current highest lot number will be displayed next to the item in the treasure window.

Upon clearing a chamber, an armoury crate will appear in the center of the area. The chamber's feather will be obtained once the crate is opened, and players in the chamber will have five minutes to lot on all items, regardless of the amount of time remaining on the chamber reservation. However, the armoury crate must be opened before the original reservation ends (defeating the boss does not stop the timer).

Einherjar Wings and Enemies

Monster Appearance System

With the exception of Valgrind, monster appearances in Einherjar are randomly chosen from a set unique to each wing. See the Einherjar Wing pages for more information on possible monsters and bosses.

Special Monsters

While fighting in the wing one, two, and three chambers, one of four special monsters will appear several minutes into the battle. Defeating (or not defeating) the monster will have one of several effects as listed below. Heithrun is significantly rarer than the other three.

Name Type Effect of killing
Muninn Dark Bird Weakens monsters in the zone.

"The chamber's stagnant aura has somewhat cleared...
The creatures lurking in the shadows have calmed..."

Huginn Red Bird Creates a chest containing many temporary items upon defeat.
Saehrimnir Tiger When not killed, monsters in the zone become more powerful.
Heithrun Sheep Increases the drop rates of items in the final Item Chest, such as crafting materials and abjurations.

Einherjar Wings

Einherjar Wing One Chambers
Grimgerde's Chamber Rossweisse's Chamber Siegrune's Chamber
Einherjar Wing Two Chambers
Helmwige's Chamber Schwertleite's Chamber Waltraute's Chamber
Einherjar Wing Three Chambers
Brunhilde's Chamber Gerhilde's Chamber Ortlinde's Chamber
Odin's Chamber Odin's Chamber II


Einherjar Rewards.jpg

In wings one through three, after defeating all the enemies in a chamber, an armoury crate will appear in the middle of the room. Odin will drop items immediately upon defeat. After exiting a chamber by dropping the Glowing Lamp or timing out, Ichor will also be received, which may be exchanged for various rewards.

Key Items: Einherjar Feathers

Upon clearing a chamber and opening the armoury crate, all players will receive a key item feather. There is one for each chamber, and the run leader (and each member of the alliance) will need at least one from each rank to enter into either of Odin's Chambers in Valgrind. All of the feathers from all players will vanish at the moment of entry into Valgrind. Players who either possess one feather from each tier or have defeated Odin (level 75) in the past (obtaining the title "Elite Einherjar") can obtain a Mark of the Einherjar by clicking the ??? spot in Hazhalm Testing Grounds. This allows them to reserve entry into any wing 2 or 3 chambers without having to clear chambers from previous wings and most importantly allows them to spend ichor to purchase items which can be traded for feathers (see below).

Therion Ichor

Upon exiting the chamber, players will also receive ampoules of Therion Ichor depending on the chamber tier and what percentage of the base (non-boss) monsters were defeated. These can be used to purchase various items from Kilusha in Nashmau. Killing the boss (with the exception of Odin) awards no extra Ichor. Note that a chamber MUST be exited by dropping the Glowing Lamp or timing out in order to receive ichor. Players who warp or home point away from the battlefield will not receive ichor.

Chamber Ichor
Wing 1 960 Ichor
Wing 2 1440 Ichor
Wing 3 1920 Ichor
Odin's Chamber 2880 Ichor
Odin's Chamber II 3600 Ichor

The following unique items can be purchased with Therion Ichor:


Original (sky/land HNM) abjurations as well as Einherjar-specific abjurations can be obtained from the reward crates in tiers 1 through 3 while multiple abjurations drop from Odin in Valgrind. Note that not all sky/land HNM abjurations (those that are obtained from Kirin, for instance) can be obtained from Einherjar. All cursed items and abjurations should be taken to Alphollon C Meriard for "spiritual cleansing." The two abjuration sets unique to Einherjar are the Phantasmal Abjuration Set and the Hadean Abjuration Set.

Odin Equipment

Aside from the Einherjar-specific abjuration sets, the only other drops unique to Einherjar are exclusively obtained by defeating Odin in Valgrind. Upon defeat, there is a chance that Odin will drop one of the unique items from the list below, depending on the version of Odin which was battled.