Aht Urhgan Mission 15

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The Black Coffin
Series Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Starting NPC Naja Salaheem, Aht Urhgan Whitegate - (I-10)
Title None
Repeatable No
Description A mercenary colleague has reported feeling an ominous presence to the west of Dvucca Isle...
Previous Mission Next Mission
The Dolphin Crest Ghosts of the Past


Caedarva Mire (Map 2)

Survival Guide route

Staging Point route


  • Approach the Cutter for a cutscene.
  • When you are ready, check it again to enter a battlefield.
  • All members of your party (including any who have finished this mission before) need an Ephramadian gold coin to enter the battlefield.
    • If you need another gold coin, examine Jazaraat's Headstone at Caedarva Mire (E-10).
  • Gessho will assist you in this fight.
    • Gessho will wait a minute or two before he begins to fight. This gives your party a little time to buff.
    • The fight will continue in the event Gessho is killed.
  • The battle is against the Ashu Talif Crew which consists of 2x Rangers, 2x Red Mages, and 1x Corsair.
  • Once the five Ashu Talif Crew members are defeated, another four will take their place.
  • The Ashu Talif Captain will spawn along with the others.
  • You must bring the Ashu Talif Captain's health to approximately 20% to win the battle.
  • After the fight, you will wind up in Nashmau.
    • Players who have already completed this mission will end up back at the Cutter instead.

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