Aht Urhgan Mission 42

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Path of Darkness
Series Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Starting NPC Blank Target, Nyzul Isle Staging Point
Title Naja's Comrade-in-arms
Repeatable No
Description Using the map given to you by Rodin-Comidin, find a route through Nyzul Isle and rescue the captured Luzaf!
Previous Mission Next Mission
Light of Judgment Fangs of the Lion


  • Activate the blank target (J-9) at the Nyzul Isle Staging Point which is right next to the Runic Portal (the deactivated lamp) and select "Yes" to proceed with the mission.
    • You will be unable to enter Salaheem's Sentinels until you finish this mission.
  • Check the Runic Seal (I-9), straight ahead, to enter the battlefield Path of Darkness.
    • Trusts can be called during the battle.
    • Naja Salaheem will fight with you during this battle.
      • She must be kept alive, or the mission will end in failure.
      • Recommend quick AoE action to pull hate on all the gears, they can kill Naja quickly, even at iLvl.
      • Suggestion is to not run in and engage quickly, just aggro Amnaf. Let the gears spawn and then gather them all on you.
      • With the adjustment to Trust Valaineral's Uriel Blade, he can quickly gain hate on the gears if you are on a job without AOE.
    • The BC consists of three fights.


  • If you fail this fight, return to Rodin-Comidin in in Aht Urghan Whitegate for another key item to try again.

Battle 1

  • The first fight is against Amnaf and 4x Imperial Gears.
    • The gears will not spawn until Amnaf is aggro'd.
    • The gears can be slept, but not very easily. They are however, susceptible to both Gravity and Bind.
    • Amnaf can be slept.
    • Naja will pick one of the enemies at random to fight.
  • Once defeated, Amnaf will warp one room over.
  • Naja will wait for a bit before heading into the next room.

Battle 2

  • The second fight is once again against Amnaf and 4x Imperial Gears (Triple Gears).
    • The gears are much easier to sleep this time.
  • Naja will pick one of the enemies at random to fight.
  • Amnaf gives up and warps away at about 25% HP.

Battle 3

  • This fight is against only Amnaf, but this time she turns into a Soulflayer.
    • Her Sleepga resets hate on all players who are hit by it.
  • Defeat Amnaf to finish the BC.

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