Arboreal Grove

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Where can you log, harvest and mine... without needing to tinker with tools? The interior of this island of course! The aboreal groves ladels out logs like with logging and gives out grasses as with harvesting. No need to trade tools--the MHMU will supply special ones for you! Mine until you lose your lucidity and descend into delirium. The higher its rank rises, the more places you can procure provisions from... thus powering up your productivity! Set certain fertilizers on the roots to see some delightful developments. Furthermore, assigning an able-bodied assistant to services this space grants greater gratuities to your garden! - Green Thumb Moogle

Every gathering attempt yields items in the following order:

  • 1-3 items from the Prune trees+Either lists or the Remove weeds+Either lists. Which action is available is randomly chosen after every gathering attempt, and is specific to that grove.
    • Choosing to gather multiple times will perform that specific action until it becomes unavailable. As a consequence, an initial "gather multiple times" with "prune trees" active will cause the next set of actions to "remove weeds", and vice versa.
  • Bonus yield from fertilizer
  • Bonus yield from Yeestog

Any item slot may yield a crystal instead.

Possible Assistants

  • Yeestog
    • Grove Guidance
      • "Make gathering easier."
        • Increases likelihood that you will receive more items from your Groves; will yield 1 additional item.
      • "Repair the tools."
        • Occasionally grants you more gathering opportunities in your Groves; will occasionally grant free gathering attempts.


Fertilizer Duration Effect
Chestnut Tree Sap Question Yields 0-3 Beetle Spirits
Coalit. Fertilizer 7 Yields 1 item and causes rarer items to drop more frequently
Entisyrup 7 Locks harvesting to the Clothcraft points.
Grove Cuttings 7 Locks harvesting to Woodworking points.
Grove Mulch 7 Occasionally grants free gathering attempts
Grove Worm Question Yields 1 item
Florid Leaf Mold 28 Locks harvesting to the existing points.

Obtainable Items

Rank Prune Trees Remove Weeds|-

Key Items

Upgrade key items can be purchased from Zenicca for bayld, or from Skipper Moogle for gil.

Arboreal Grove Key Items
Information Requirements
Name Rank Attained Title Required Coalition Edification Bayld
"Give My Regards to Reodoan" 2 Gather from Grove 9 times 1000
"Adoulin's Topiary Treasures" 3 Gather from Grove 20 times 3000
"Grandiloquent Groves" 4 Gather from Grove 75 times 5000
"Arboreal Abracadabra" 5 Gather from Vein 195 times 7000
"Verdant and Verdon'ts" 6 Gather from Grove 300 times 9000
"M.H.M.U. Treatise on Forestry" 7 Gather from Grove 750 times 11000

  • Upon reaching rank 3, a second tree appears, along with some bushes.
  • Upon reaching rank 5, a third tree appears, along with some bushes.
  • Upon reaching rank 7, a deciduous fern appears.