Back to the Beginning

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Back to the Beginning
Series Wings of the Goddess
Starting NPC N/A
Title Cait Sith's Assistant
Repeatable No
Description Hideous statues. Monstrous beasts. The otherworld that lies in between. Could this war-torn land you have been thrust to truly be the outskirts of Jeuno...?
Previous Mission Next Mission
Cavernous Maws Cait Sith


  • In the last mission you had been asked to go to a nearby Allied fortress, one of the three dungeons near Jeuno: Garlaige Citadel (S), Crawlers' Nest (S), or The Eldieme Necropolis (S).
    It is there you can pick up a recommendation letter that is required to join the Allied Campaign.
  • There are three potential recommendation letters that may all be obtained, but you may only join one nation at a time.
  • NOTE: While it does not matter the nation, if you trying to progress in RoV Missions it is best to go to San d'Oria as the WotG story has missions there, this will save you some time for a quicker progression.
  • Joining San d'Oria Flag.jpg San d'Oria:
  • Zone in and follow the left wall (at any intersection) until reaching the Planar Rift (H-7).
  • Make a right at the Planar Rift and head through the Gated Door.
  • Follow the path through a second Heavy Gated Door and continue until you run into Randecque.
  • Joining Windurst-Flag.jpg Windurst:
  • Joining Bastok-Flag.jpg Bastok:

Delivering the Letter

  • You will have to take at least one these recommendation letters to a town by crossing through several Shadowreign areas.
  • Most of the maps in-game will appear the same as they do in the present and will not display any differences, such as new zone lines. The paths are as follows:
  • San d'Oria Flag.jpg San d'Oria:
  • Windurst-Flag.jpg Windurst:
  • Bastok-Flag.jpg Bastok:
  • They may be obtained from quests within the area of the three Allied fortresses and do not require any sort of fighting.

  • Once you reach one of the capitals, you will have to prove your worth to whatever faction you intend on joining. After arriving at the nation you wish to support, proceed to the section below on this page called "Follow-Up Quests".
  • Allegiance is not dependent on the present. The recommendation letter will be taken and an initial quest will have to be completed.
  • Once this is done, you will need to complete two more quests. The initial quest can be canceled and the recommendation letter returned.
  • Completing the initial quest will switch your allegiance. Unlike manually switching your allegiance, there is no penalty or cost and no restriction.
  • If you wanted to complete all three quest, simply do them in a fashion that places your permanent nation last.
  • The two follow-up quests from any nation can be done once any single initial quest has been completed and are optional.

Follow-Up Quests

San d'Oria Flag.jpg Knights of The Iron Ram

Windurst-Flag.jpg The Cobras

Bastok-Flag.jpg Republican Legion's Fourth Divison

  • Once a single questline has been completed, touch any of the three Cavernous Maws outside Jeuno in the past to get a cutscene for Cait Sith (Mission). You will receive the title "Cait Sith's Assistant" when it finishes.
    • Note: Present day maws surrounding Jeuno can also be used, provided you have unlocked them beforehand.
    • If you have not unlocked these maws, your only present-day option is the randomly-generated zone that you first landed into during the previous mission.