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Compared to the Elshimo Uplands, this region rests fairly close to sea level. With the exception of the volcanoes in the north, the area is characterized by its wide expanses of thick jungle. Due to the conflicting motives of the three main inhabitants of the region-the Mithra of Kazham, the pirates of Norg, and the savage Sahagin-the lowlands are often wrapped in turmoil.

General Information

Region bonus granted by: Signet
Outpost located at: (G-11) in Yuhtunga Jungle

Map of Elshimo Lowlands

Zones located in Elshimo Lowlands
Kazham Norg
Sea Serpent Grotto Yuhtunga Jungle

Regional NPCs

Region Items Price NPC
Elshimo Lowlands Black Pepper 229 - 280
Port Bastok (J-7)
Port San d'Oria (G-8)
Windurst Waters (D-8)
Kazham Peppers 54 - 66
Kazham Pineapple 54 - 66
Kukuru Bean 108 - 132
Mithran Tomato 36 - 44
Ogre Pumpkin 86 - 105
Phalaenopsis 1,620 - 1,980

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