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Very Difficult

While it is possible to do a melee strategy, the risk of failure is higher, especially on Very Difficult.

Party setup is 1x PLD/BLU, 2x RNG/NIN, 1x RDM/WHM, 1x COR, 1x BRD/WHM.

  • PLD should have relic reforged gear, Repulse Mantle, PDT rings (preferably Defending Ring and augmented Dark Ring), Ochain, and Aegis. PLD should never change gear except from Ochain to Aegis at 10% HM HP.
  • RNGs should have Annihilators and use Coronach.
  • BRD does Nightingale/Troubadour Soul Voice Archer's Prelude, Hunter's Prelude, Minuets 5, 4, (and 3 if have 99 daurdabla) on the RNGs and COR on the stairs where you can see HM.
  • BRD does Nightingale/Troubadour Soul Voice Victory March (March x2 if have 99 daurdabla), Ballad x2, Scherzo on PLD, RDM, and himself.
  • COR should do Hunter's Roll and Courser's Roll.
  • RNG and COR should use Riverfin Soup, Kohlrouladen, Pot-au-feu, or sushi.

PLD goes in after casting Phalanx, Reprisal, Crusade, Enlight, and Cocoon. Flashes the HM and uses Sentinel.

  • PLD spams Flash, Blank Gaze, and Jettatura on HM. Be sure to maintain self buffs.
  • RDM does Dia3 on HM (make sure HM shadows does not absorb), Flurry2 on RNGs and COR, Refresh2 on PLD (and Haste if BRD does not have 99 daurdabla). Expect to be casting paralyna and poisona on PLD.
  • BRD try to land Carnage Elegy and Foe Requiem7 on HM (make sure HM shadows does not absorb). Expect to be casting paralyna and poisona on PLD.
  • Both the RDM and BRD should be curing the PLD, but really the PLD should be taking very little damage and able to cure himself.
  • RNGs use Decoy Shot and stay at least 15 yalms away at all times.
  • COR needs to be very careful with hate, especially at the beginning. Recommend COR not damage HM until a couple WSs from the RNG.
  • PLD should only do the WS Atonement. If max damage is not achieved, notify rest of party so they can back off on damage (usually COR is the culprit of pulling hate).
  • RNGs should use Overkill right from the start once Decoy Shot is used and PLD has used Sentinel.
  • PLD switches to Aegis at 10% HM HP and uses Rampart.

WARNING: At 15% HM HP, everyone other than the PLD needs to move more than 20 yalms away to prevent death from Mijin Gakure. -- 2 January 2015‎ Protey


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99PLD/BLU w/ Apururu [U], Semih Lafihna, Tenzen II, Makki-Chebukki, and Joachim - I needed trusts that would stay away from him. The first time I went I had 3 trusts in melee range (Iroha II, Arciela II, and Shantotto II) he was spammy with circle blade and Apururu was tossing cures all over the place and by 50% those 3 were gone) - I was planning on Mijin-Gakure at 15% and was getting Fealty ready for it with the plan that when he blew up,I would use Invincible and recover my HP and finish the fight. But, he didn't use Mijin-Gakure until 2% and when he does, he kneels down for a second and pauses - perfect time to use Invincible, but I thought that I had also won so I stood there like an idiot with 81HP and he stood back up and 2-shotted me (I RR, Invincible, but he got me with Jubaku and with no support, I was toast).

Take #2 - keep everyone away from AAHM! It worked, it was SLOW because damage output was low, but all Apururu had to do was toss a few paralyna/poisona's, and some cures - no MP issues for her. I wish I had a refresh, but was fine on the MP using the 1 merit I had in Chivalry. Somehow, he never used Mijin-Gakure on the second time. I was all ready for him at 2% and nothing. I was actually disappointed, but I'm confident if he had blown himself up at 2% that I would have been fine.

For fun, I may do this again on a different job and see if I can get a trust to tank.

For what it's worth, my PLD has crap gear, no macro's, no gearswap, just did my best to turtle up and have the most DT/MDT gear I could - gear was all Sulevia's NQ, with HQ1 feet, Defending Ring, Yu-something Ring (-MDT) Loricate Torque, Solemnity Cape, Merman's Earrings, very standard stuff. --July 2018‎ Lolmeleerdm


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Very Easy

Trivial and boring.

Used Ark Angel EV as a tank, Apururu as healer, Tenzen 2 and Semih Lafihna as DDs who stay out of range, and Ulmia for buffs.

Engaged, let AAEV pull hate, then moved to >20 yalms distance from AAHM.

Now just wait and let the trusts take care of the fight. 10 minutes later he uses Mijin Gakure, finished him off after that. -- 18:24, 20 October 2018‎ User:Elvarons

After pulling hate from Ark EV on Normal and immediately getting one-shotted by one of HM's weapon skills, I just picked VE for the trust. If you do wish to melee him at higher difficulties, the advice is the same as for EV: be very careful to leave hate on the tank and sub NIN for more safety in case of mishaps. Apart from Mijin Gakure, his only radial AoE damage comes from Circle Blade, which can be avoided by meleeing from behind at maximum distance. On VE, even Mijin Gakure did not kill any of my trusts (ArkEV, Apururu, King of Hearts, Joachim, Selh'teus at average iLv 119), so you could be a bit more aggressive if you dare. --Eithin (talk) 14:46, 24 May 2021 (EDT)

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