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Location: Waughroon Shrine
Entry Item: Clotho Orb Level Restriction: Uncapped
Time Limit: 30 minutes Participation: 6 members

Enemy Table

level Name Qty Type Behavior
?? Osschaart x1 Ahriman A

BCNM Strategy

  • Osschaart will keep one person charmed during this fight. Therefore, it is advised to bring a duplicate for key jobs (such as stunner) for when one is charmed.
  • Use a 2-hour once during the fight; the 2-hour used depends on the job of the person charmed.
  • Casts teir 3 aga spells.
  • Approximately every 30 seconds, he will change which person is charmed. The order which he will charm starts with the orb-holder and then follows the orb-holder's party list.
  • A decent party with a mixture of healers, tanks, and DDs should be able to win. Be careful not to let Osschaart use his 2-hour while a Ninja or Summoner is charmed.
  • Susceptible to sleep and lullaby. Thus, if he gains a dangerous 2-hour like Hundred Fists, he can be slept for the duration.

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