Hysteric Assault

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Blood Pact Information
Avatar: Wind-SMN-Icon.gifSirenSiren
Level Obtained: 99
Description: Delivers a threefold attack. Additional effect: HP Drain.
Blood Pact Type: Blood Pact: Rage
MP Cost: 222
Duration: Instant
Skillchain Fragmentation
Skillchain 2: Transfixion
Stat Mod: Avatar's DEX & INT
Command: /pet "Hysteric Assault" <t>


  • Deals Piercing damage.[1]
  • fTP transfers across all hits.
  • Like Sanguine Blade and contrary to its description, Hysteric Assault appears to be more of a "Convert Damage to HP" effect rather than a proper "Drain" effect, meaning that it works on Undead type enemies.