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Element None Removable Check.gif Yes
Effect Reduces Max HP/MP by 75% and adds a 100% Slow effect for five minutes.
Double Weakness additionally reduces Ranged Accuracy and Ranged Attack to 1 as well as set Magic Damage to 0.
  • If a player is defeated while under the effect of Weakness they enter an enhanced state of Weakness commonly referred to as "double weakness".
    • Further K.O.s while weakened will not add extra penalties.
    • Players will inflict 0 magical damage, but are still able to enfeeble foes.
    • Ranged attacks and accuracy is also reduced to 1.
    • Players may still melee and use physical Weaponskills.
  • Arise sets duration of Weakness to 3 min (down from 5 min).
  • Reraise V, available from the Mog Bonanza's Pandit's Staff, revives without applying Weakness.
  • While Weakened, you can not unlock Treasure Chests/Treasure Coffers.
    • Failed lockpicking attempts can apply the Weakened status to a Thief for 5 minutes to 2~3 hours. (See: Treasure Coffer).
  • Besieged-specific Weakened behavior:
    • Weakness lasts for 1 minute when revived.
    • Failed lockpicking attempts when Rescuing Prisoners cause Weakness for up to 20 minutes.
Medicine None
Spell Reviviscense (Campaign NPC spell)
Ability Light-JA-Icon.gif Mijin Gakure
Other Kupo Rod icon.png Kupo Rod, Entering the Feretory
Spriggan Fetish icon.png Monster Infliction
TP Move Family Potency Duration
Eradicator Iron Giant Weakness 60 Sec.
Bane of Tartarus Supreme Being Weakness 60 Sec.
Waning Vigor Supreme Being Weakness 15 Sec.
Raksha: Vengeance Naraka Weakness 60 Sec.
Incinerating Lahar Gabbrath Weakness Information Needed
Oblivion's Mantle Gallu Weakness Information Needed
BLMicon.gif Player Infliction
Name Type Potency Duration
Self-Destruct Blue Magic Weakness 300 Sec.


  • maxHP = ( { [ (baseHP * weaknessHPP) + gearHP] * curseHPP} + foodHP + convert) * gearHPP * mantraHPPVerification Needed * foodHPP
    • The interaction between mantraHPP and foodHPP is assumed while the rest of the HP and MP equation has been tested. [1]
  • maxMP = ( { [ (baseMP * weaknessMPP) + gearMP] * curseMPP} + foodMP + convert) * gearMPP * foodMPP