The Voracious Resurgence Mission 1-5

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Kupipi's Dilemma
Series The Voracious Resurgence
Starting NPC Kupipi, Heavens Tower
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Mission Orders: A conflict between Shantotto and Kupipi is coming to a head. Shantotto asked Kupipi to fix an old outfit, but Kupipi doesn't recall such a request. Ask Sassa-Kotassa, Sheelala, and Habida-Jubida in Heavens Tower to find out who is right.
Previous Mission Next Mission
The Destiny Destroyers The Cardian's Duty
  • 20,000 gil


Pop Item NM "Upgraded" Rolanberry Drop
Rolanberry icon.png Rolanberry Normal Crawler.png Guardian Crawler Rolanberry 881 icon.png Rolanberry 881
Rolanberry 881 icon.png Rolanberry 881 Normal Crawler.png Drone Crawler Rolanberry 874 icon.png Rolanberry 874
Rolanberry 874 icon.png Rolanberry 874 Normal Crawler.png Matron Crawler
Normal Crawler.png Queen Crawler
Rolanberry 864 icon.png Rolanberry 864
Rolanberry 864 icon.png Rolanberry 864 Green Crawler.png Awd Goggie Rolanberry 854 icon.png Rolanberry 854
Obtaining a Wh. Rolanberry icon.png White Rolanberry
Pellio in Rolanberry Fields at (F-11) exchanges Rolanberry 854 icon.png Rolanberry 854s for Wh. Rolanberry icon.png White Rolanberries.

Purchasing Rolanberries

Rolanberry icon.png Rolanberries can be purchased from NPCs in Jeuno:
Purchased From...
NPC Name Zone Notes
Champalpieu Upper Jeuno - (H-6) 120 Gil
Gekko Port Jeuno - (H-8) 120 Gil
  • Each of the types of rolanberries can be bought and sold on the Auction House.
    • It is not recommended to buy the base Rolanberries from the Auction House if you decide to do the Crawler NM climb.
  • On each tier of crawler NM, the rolanberry is not guaranteed to spawn the NM. Therefore it is wise to farm multiple rolanberries at each tier. You will lose rolanberries at each stage, so buy a lot of base rolanberries when you start. Six stacks is recommended. They are cheap and you can always discard or sell any leftovers.