Last Orc-Shunned Hero

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Battlefield Information
Location: Horlais Peak Level Restriction: None
Entry Item: Deimos Orb icon.png Deimos Orb Participation: 6 Members
Entry Currency: Kindred's Crest icon.png 50 Kindred's Crest Time Limit: 30 Minutes
Personal Pool:

30,000 Gil (Split across party)


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Bruteborn Krushkosh 1 Orc WAR

Immune to Sleep

Wyvernkin Dragzagg 1 Orc DRG

Immune to Sleep

Orc's Wyvern 1 Wyvern

Bonesetter Medokvok 1 Orc WHM

Immune to Sleep

Crackshot Zwogchog 1 Orc RNG

Immune to Sleep


  • Supertank the Orcs on a defensive or evasive job and pick them off one by one.
  • Recommended kill order is WHM -> WAR -> DRG -> RNG



  • Just like with Kindergarten Cap, the battlefield name is a pun based on the title of a 1990s Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. Clearly, the English localization team was having some fun. The Japanese names are nothing of the sort.


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