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Battlefield Information
Location: Horlais Peak Level Restriction: None
Entry Item: Phobos Orb icon.png Phobos Orb Participation: 6 Members
Entry Currency: Kindred's Crest icon.png 30 Kindred's Crest Time Limit: 30 Minutes
Personal Pool:

20,000 Gil (Split across party)

Special Event Pool:

Empyrean Armor Upgrade Campaign:


Name Qty Type Job Notes
Malodorous Mort 1 Funguar WAR

Mortobello 3 Funguar WAR

KCNM Strategy:

This battle is now relatively trivial in difficulty. This is a more recent strategy.

  • You may *NOT* use trusts in this battle.
  • Any melee job in Sparks gear can run in attack Malodorous Mort to start and after killing him the other 3 fungar will despawn.

The walkthrough below was written for a level of 75-99. This info is for reference or lower level players.

  • Have one player agro all the Funguars and Superkite them.
  • Have the other players focus on Malodorous Mort.
  • Pull the small funguars one-by-one off the kiter.
  • Beastmaster works well as a kiter and in general for this fight.

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