Mistress of Ceremonies

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Mistress of Ceremonies
Required Fame Adoulin Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Rigobertine, Eastern Adoulin
Pack Seekers of Adoulin
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Hildebert's wife, Faustoise, has finally awakened, but she has led Ingrid deep into Yorcia Weald. Head after them and figure out what is going on.
Previous Quest Next Quest
No Mercy for the Wicked None
12,000 Experience Points, 3,000 Bayld, Elixir Tank.


  • Speak with Rigobertine, Eastern Adoulin (J-7) outside the Order of Weatherspoon. You will receive a Purple purgation cloth Key Item.
  • Click the Suspicious Roots at (G-6) in Yorcia Weald for a cutscene.
    • From Bivouac #1 head north and hug the west wall until you go through a narrow path north to an opening.
    • Close to the Ergon Locus "Pool of Clarity"
  • Select the Suspicious Roots again to enter a BCNM with a Dullahan NM, Headless Torturer.
    • All Party members must have a Purple purgation cloth to enter fight.
    • Trusts may be summoned inside this fight.
    • Ingrid will assist you during the fight. If she is defeated, you will lose the fight immediately.
    • Headless Torturer uses all standard Dullahan TP Moves as well as Tier V single target, AoE Elemental and Enfeebling magic spells.
    • If you are defeated, speak with Rigobertine to obtain a new Key Item in order to try again.
  • Upon victory, examine the Suspicious Roots again for the last cutscene, and your rewards.