Parrying Skill

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Parrying skill is a combat skill that determines a player's ability to parry and completely avoid an incoming physical attack while using a melee weapon. With the exception of BLM, WHM, SMN, and RNG, all jobs have some amount of native parrying skill. The activation rate of parry is determined by the enemy's level and the player's parrying skill. Parrying can only activate while engaged to an enemy. Similar to Shield blocks, it may occur from any attacking enemy in front of the player, not just the one currently targeted. When an attack is successfully parried, it will be completely avoided and none of its effects will proc.

  • There are a few considerations related to parry skill when gearing:
    • The parry formula, and how skill+ interacts with it is currently unknown. Verification Needed
    • On most content the players parry rate is floored to 5%. No known caps have been tested due to a cap being only reachable when fighting extremely low level enemies.
    • The best way to increase parrying rate is not by increasing skill itself as it is generally understood you would need hundreds if not thousands of skill to see a relevant increase in parry chance, but by increasing your flat chance with effects such as Inquartata or the JSE Capes augments.
    • When Dual Wielding, Parrying Skill is applied from the main hand weapon only.

Related Job Traits & Abilities

  • The job trait Tactical Parry allows a successful parry to generate additional TP return for the player.
  • The job trait Inquartata adds a percentage of parrying rate. This rate is always fully applied to the player's base parry rate regardless of the level of the target.
  • The job ability Issekigan increases parry rate and adds enmity to the user for each successful parry. This is different than most other combat skills that apply to both hands.

Equipment Bonuses

  • Nearly all melee weapons (excluding Hand-to-Hand) of Item Level 100 or above grant a significant amount of Parrying Skill naturally.

Parrying Skill Caps

Job Grade Level 49 Level 99
RUN A+ 150 424
THF A 150 417
NIN A 150 417
SAM A 150 417
COR A 150 417
DNC B 144 398
DRG B- 144 388
BST C 139 373
PLD C- 139 368
WAR C- 139 368
BLU D 133 334
PUP D 133 334
BRD E 124 300
DRK E 124 300
MNK E 124 300
RDM E 124 300
SCH E 124 300
GEO E 124 300