Promathia Mission 2-5

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Ancient Vows
Series Chains of Promathia
Starting NPC Spacial Displacement, Misareaux Coast - (D-6)
Title Tavnazian Traveler
Repeatable No
Description Follow Prishe to Cape Riverne on the Misareaux Coast. It is rumored a wyrm nests there...
Previous Mission Next Mission
An Eternal Melody Call of the Wyrmking
1,000 exp

With the lifting of the level cap in Promathia areas, this quest is now relatively trivial in difficulty. The walkthrough below was written for a level cap of 40.


Useful Items to bring:
  • After your group is prepared and geared up, head to the Dilapidated Gate at (F-7) of Misareaux Coast. Click the gate for a cutscene.
    • The Unity warp for level 122 NM will put you right at the Gate.
  • Check the Spatial Displacement ahead for a cutscene and to be transported to Riverne - Site #A01.
    • You will need to kill Firedrakes for 2 Giant Scales.
    • All the wyverns are aggressive to sight as well as the bombs so make sure to invis up, using Prisms near the bombs (because they are aggressive to magic as well.) Hippogryphs are True Sight so you will need to avoid them.
  • Head west to the Spatial Displacement and then northwest to another.
  • After you have your scales, make you way west to the Unstable Displacement at (G-10). When all of your party is close by, trade one Giant Scale to the Unstable Displacement. It will allow you to pass through, but only for a short time. Make sure everyone is ready to move when you trade it.
  • Head west again to the Unstable Displacement at (E-10) and use your other Giant Scale in the same manner above.
  • Head straight north and pass through the northeastern displacement into Monarch Linn.
    • Take care on this island when heading for the spatial displacement, because it is filled with Hippogryphs.
  • You will now prepare for an instanced fight.
    • As with the Spire areas of Promyvion, this area is uncapped so use the time to prepare for the BC to come.
    • When you are ready, check the displacement and enter the battlefield "Ancient Vows". Be sure to buff inside the battlefield as buffs will wear upon entering.

Misareaux Coast
Riverne - Site A01

Boss Fight

Area Boss Name Abilities Notes
Monarch Linn Mammett-19 Epsilon x3

The Mammets have different abilities depending upon their current mode.

  • "Hand-to-hand Form": Initial form. Possesses no equipped weapon. Moderate attack speed.
    • Transmogrification: Absorbs all physical damage for ~30 seconds.
      • Effect also absorbs all physical damage including weaponskills and special abilities.
  • "Sword Form": Warrior-type prefers Weapon Skill-like attacks and TP-based AoE status abilities. Very fast attack speed during this form. Utsusemi will be difficult to maintain.
    • Velocious Blade: 5-hit attack, high damage.
    • Sonic Blade: High AoE damage.
    • Scission Thrust: Low conal AoE damage.
  • "Staff Form": Black Mage-type, casts AoE magic susceptible to physical attacks. Possess a slow attack speed and may be silenced.
    • Psychomancy: AoE Aspir, drains 80+ MP.
    • Mind Wall: Gives the Mammet a special Magic Shield effect causing it to absorb offensive magic used against it for ~30 seconds.
      • Astral Flow and elemental weapon skills are unaffected.
  • "Polearm Form": Dragoon-type, geared toward heavy physical attack; slow attack speed. Most kiters and tanks prefer this form to lock their Mammet into.
    • Percussive Foin: Medium directional AoE damage.
    • Microquake: High single-target damage.
    • Gravity Wheel: High AoE damage and Gravity.
  • In addition, all forms can use Tremorous Tread: Low AoE damage with a Stun effect, absorbed by Utsusemi.
  • Approximately 3800 HP each
  • These bosses have varying TP moves based on which weapon they currently have out. When they change to a staff, things can get nasty so make sure to Silence this form and spread out. Psychomancy is an AOE Aspir that the staff form uses and you don't want it sapping all of the mage's MP.
  • The most important move to watch for is Transmogrification and it can be used by any form. Any damage dealt after this move is used will heal the Mammet so when you see it come up in the chat log, stop all damage immediately. After 30 seconds or so you can test them by attacking to see if the effect has worn off.
  • The Yellow Liquid that the Mammets drop can be used against them to lock them into their current form for 30 seconds. Most tanks or kiters prefer to lock them into the polearm type since the slow attack speed makes it considerably easier to keep shadows up.