Promathia Mission 3-5

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Darkness Named
Series Chains of Promathia
Starting NPC Monberaux, Upper Jeuno - (G-10)
  • Dreambreaker (defeating Diabolos)
  • Transient Dreamer (Mission Completion)
Repeatable No
Description Prishe has been taken to Doctor Monberaux's clinic! What ails her fragile body and what, if anything, can save her!?
Previous Mission Next Mission
Tending Aged Wounds Sheltering Doubt

With the lifting of the level cap in Promathia areas, this quest is now relatively trivial in difficulty. The walkthrough below was written for a level cap of 40.


Useful Items to bring:
  • Speak with Monberaux in Upper Jeuno at the Infirmary (G-10)
  • Speak to Ghebi Damomohe inside Neptune's Spire of Lower Jeuno.
  • Head to Pso'Xja via one of the uncapped entrances in Beaucedine Glacier. Uncapped entrances are at (I-7), (F-7), and (G-9). Kill all monsters until everyone has a colored chip.
    • Update: Pso'Xja is no longer level capped. The easiest place to farm is the entrance at (H-8). Fight Diremite which drop Gray Chip in the first room. It doesn't matter which color, as long as everyone has one. Survival guide warp is the closest point to (H-8).
  • Return to Ghebi Damomohe and trade her the chip to receive the Key ItemPso'Xja pass
  • After receiving your pass, head to the Pso'Xja entrance at (H-8) in Beaucedine Glacier
    • This area will be full of small rooms and many zone lines. Each time you zone your buffs will wear off so don't bother with them. Just make sure to use Sneak (Status) and Invisible (Status) if necessary. There can be bombs in here sometimes so be careful of magic use.
  • Pass through the walls at at H-7 and I-7 in the following order:
    • Red
    • Black/Purple
    • Red
    • Black/Purple
  • Take the elevator that appeared at H-8 to the bottom and follow the northwestern path to the Stone Gate which leads to The Shrouded Maw.
  • Rest and go over strategies in this area. When you are ready, check the Memento Circle and enter the battlefield "Darkness Named". Your buffs will wear when you enter the battlefield.
  • After Diabolos is defeated, return to Monberaux in Upper Jeuno to complete the mission.

NOTE: After completing this mission you may enter any of the CoP Dynamis zones through the Hieroglyphics in Buburimu Peninsula, Qufim Island, and Valkurm Dunes. It is also possible to obtain Diabolos as an avatar at this point after completing the quest Waking Dreams, given by Kerutoto at (J-8) in Windurst Waters.

Beaucedine Glacier

Boss Fight

Area Name Boss Name Abilities Notes Fight Layout
The Shrouded Maw Diabolos
  • Nightmare: Inflicts anyone on the floor with Sleep and 21HP/tick Bio. Damage will not wake you up from Nightmare, only Cure and Benediction(Benediction will also remove the Bio effect)).
  • Camisado: Single-target physical damage and knockback. Stand with your back to the wall so that this doesn't knock you into the pit below.
  • Noctoshield: Gives Diabolos the effect of Phalanx (Dispel or Magic Finale).
  • Ultimate Terror: AOE Absorb-All. Drains multiple attributes. Absorbed by Utsusemi.
  • Element: Dark Magic: Sleepga, Sleep II, Bio II, Drain, Aspir and Blind.
  • The battle starts with your party on a platform above the battle field. Buff up and jump off when you are ready. You will land in the center of a grid of 25 floor tiles, facing Diabolos. Some of the tiles will fall during the fight, leading to your death at the jaws of some Diremites below.
  • Mages should run back 2 squares from where the party lands, and melee jobs should pull Diabolos all the way to the right wall, and forward one square from the starting position. These tiles never fall so you should be safe there (although you can still walk off the edge if you aren't paying attention).
  • The primary focus of this fight should be stunning the move Nightmare. A Dark Knight casting Stun, Blue Mage using Head Butt(may not be 100% accurate so more than one stunner is advisable), or weaponskills like Flat Blade or Shoulder Tackle. Nightmare puts inflicts a 21 HP/tick Bio while asleep to anyone within range.
  • Cure is the only way to wake people up when Nightmare lands, and the Bio should be erased as soon as possible. Tanks should also stand with their back to the wall so Camisado doesn't knock you off the edge.