Researcher Emeritus (Sauromugue)

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Researcher Emeritus (Sauromugue Champaign)
 Entry Zone: Sauromugue Champaign: Vrednev, (J-7)
 Entry Requirements:
 Area Map: Everbloom Hollow, No Map
 Expedition Rank: Researcher Emeritus
 Objective: Defeat Umagrhk.
 Time Limit: 15 minutes
 Research Marks:
  • 3 members: 1500
  • 4 members: 1800
  • 5 members: 2100
  • 6 members: 2400


  • Each party member must have all five of the entry key items (representing each of the previous five Meeble Burrows ranks) in order to enter this expedition. The key items are expended upon entry.
  • The only enemy present is Umagrhk, who must be defeated to successfully complete the expedition. Upon defeating Umagrhk, the expedition will be set to automatically eject all players after 5 minutes. See Umagrhk for more information.