Sagelord Elimination

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Mamool Ja Training Grounds
Sagelord Elimination
 Staging Point:  Mamool Ja Training Grounds
 Start NPC: Isdebaaq in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (L-9/L-10)
 Assault Rank: Superior Private
 Objective: Sagelord Molaal Ja is visiting the training grounds to oversee the progress of the soldiers. His elimination would sow chaos and confusion in the Mamool Ja ranks.
 Mission Orders: Defeat Sagelord Molaal Ja
 Time Limit:  30 minutes  Recommended Lv.  Lvl. 60
 Assault Points:
  • 1 Member: 1200
  • 2 Members: 1200
  • 3 Members: 1200
  • 4 Members: 1080
  • 5 Members: 960
  • 6 Members: 840


Level Name Zone Aggro Link Drops Steal Spawns
? Mamool Ja Trainee Mamool Ja Training Grounds Yes Yes


None ?
? Mamool Ja Trainee Mamool Ja Training Grounds Yes Yes


None ?
? Mamool Ja Trainee Mamool Ja Training Grounds Yes Yes


None ?
? Sagelord Molaal Ja Mamool Ja Training Grounds No Yes


None 1


  • After being damaged, Molaal Ja will disengage from battle and flee away for a period of time.
  • Molaal Ja will not regenerate HP, even if he goes passive with no DoT spells.


The object of this assault is to hunt down Sagelord Molaal Ja and damage him until he is forced to warp out.

  • The area of this assault is filled with Mamool Ja Trainees that will aggro and link to Molaal Ja.
  • When Molaal Ja links Trainees, they will only initially be aware of the target that Molaal Ja currently hates.
    • The Trainees will not deaggro naturally, but if nobody acts upon them, they will go passive when they kill their only target.
    • While not too dangerous individually, the swarm of Trainees caused by a fleeing Molaal Ja can cause a wipe. Make sure to use Reraise (Status) in the event of a wipe.
    • Assigning someone to preemptively aggro and kite Trainees (especially someone with movement speed enhancement) will prevent Molaal Ja from linking anything when he runs away.
  • Using a pet (such as Carbuncle) or Widescan can help the party locate Molaal Ja quickly when he runs away.

Once Molaal Ja reaches 15% HP, he will Warp and the Rune of Release will spawn in the dead end at (I-7).


Ancient Lockbox
Hi-Ether Tank
Hi-Potion +3
??? Box
Imperial Tea Leaves
Soulflayer Staff
Toolbag (Shihei)
??? Headpiece
Bronze Cap +1
Cotton Headgear
Storm Zucchetto
??? Polearm
Spark Spear
??? Sword
Gust Claymore
Uchigatana +1


Assault Map

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