Unwavering Resolve

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Unwavering Resolve
Required Fame Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Nashmeira, Imperial Ward
Pack None
Title Heir of the Blighted Gloom
Sworn to the Dark Divinity (For the final completion of the quest.)
Repeatable Yes
Description Ghatsad aims to seal the distortion that is the Dark Rider's portal into this world. You must procure another key and return to Hazhalm to collect the data he seeks. Meanwhile, Ovjang and Mnejing would ask of you a favor of their own...
Previous Quest Next Quest
The Rider Cometh A Stygian Pact


* Note: In the cutscene after defeating Odin, selecting the option "Release thy Knight" on 12 different completions (including The Rider Cometh) will cause a different cutscene with Odin and at Imperial Whitegate, as well as give a different title for the quest. After that point, all repeats of the Odin Prime battle will be under the quest: A Stygian Pact.