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WSNMs are a series of quests to unlock a weapon skills for a particular weapon type. For each offensive melee skill in the game, there is a special quested Weapon Skill available. Each quest requires you to "break" a latent effect on a weapon, and then defeat an NM.

Skillchain Level Trial Points
No Skillchain 1
Level 1 2
Level 2 3
Level 3 5

Each weapon requires a total of 300 "weapon skill points" to break the latent as part of the quest to unlock it. In order to do this, you must fight Extremely Easy Prey or higher mobs, and perform Weapon Skills or close Skillchains to build points. Once the elemental resistance bonuses from the weapon disappear from your equipment menu then you have "broken" the weapon. Finally, trade the weapon back to the NPC which gave it to you, and you may freely use the Weapon Skill.

As of the February 2019 update[1], Ambuscade Weapons were introduced. With the exception of Marksmanship, these weapons all grant all the jobs which can equip them access to these Weapon Skills. As long as they remain equipped these weapon skills may be used without quest completion. These weapons also grant a damage bonus to these corresponding weapon skills, similar to the hidden damage bonus of Relics or Mythic weapons.

Weapon Skill Weapon Type Unlock Quest
Asuran Fists Hand-to-Hand The Walls of Your Mind
Evisceration Dagger Cloak and Dagger
Savage Blade Sword Old Wounds
Ground Strike Great Sword Inheritance
Decimation Axe Axe the Competition
Steel Cyclone Great Axe The Weight of Your Limits
Spiral Hell Scythe Souls in Shadow
Impulse Drive Polearm Methods Create Madness
Blade: Ku Katana Bugi Soden
Tachi: Kasha Great Katana The Potential Within
Black Halo Club Orastery Woes
Retribution Staff Blood and Glory
Empyreal Arrow Archery From Saplings Grow
Detonator Marksmanship Shoot First, Ask Questions Later