Windurst Mission 1-3

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The Price of Peace
Series None
Starting NPC Any Windurst Gate Guard
Title None
Repeatable No
Description Recieve two bags of food offerings from the Rhinostery, and deliver one bag to each of the Yagudo who stand by the altars of offerings in Giddeus. Don't forget to report back to the Rhinostery after completing the mission.
Previous Mission Next Mission
The Heart of the Matter Lost for Words
  • Rank 2
  • 1,000 gil


Note: This mission is much easier if you purchase a Map of Giddeus.

  • Accept the mission and head for the Rhinostery in Windurst Waters. It is located at (J-8) in the southern half of the zone.
    • This is closest to Home Point #3
  • Make your way to the roof and speak with Leepe-Hoppe at (J-9).
  • Head out for Giddeus, which is located at (F-8) in West Sarutabaruta.
  • Make your way to (H-7) and speak to a Yagudo NPC named Laa Mozi to hand over the Key ItemFood offering.
    • You can reach this NPC by taking all left turns from the Sarutabaruta entrance.
  • Next, head to (G-7) and speak to a Yagudo NPC called Ghoo Pakya to hand over the Key ItemDrink offering.
    • Return to the Sarutabaruta entrance and take all right turns to reach this NPC.
  • Head back to the Rhinostery. As you climb the stairs to the roof, you'll receive another cutscene.
  • Return to the Gate Guard to complete the mission.