Carcharian Verve

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Blue Mage Spell Information
Description Enhances attack and magic attack. Reduces spell interruption rate.
Available Level 99
Type Element: Water Magical
MP Cost 65 MP Cast Time Information Needed seconds
Unbridled Learning Recast Time Information Needed seconds
Target Self Range
Stat Bonus
Enhancement Effect Attack Boost
Magic Attack Boost
Duration 60 Seconds
15 Minutes
Monster Type Aquans Monster Family Rockfin
Volatile Enmity Information Needed Cumulative Enmity Information Needed


  • Can only be cast with job ability Unbridled Learning.
  • Attack Bonus of +20% and Magic Attack Bonus of +20 last for one minute.
  • Aquaveil effect lasts 15 minutes.
    • Prevents 10 interruptions.
  • It is unknown if aquaveil+ equipment impacts this spell given that stoneskin+ equipment does not work for Metallic Body and Diamondhide. Information Needed

Spell Obtainment

Learned from: Rockfin Blue Magic Skill Required to Learn: 393+
Monster Level Zone Map
Tchakka 116   Foret de Hennetiel
 Foret Wildskeeper Reive
Updated marked map foret de hennetiel.jpegcenter link=
Dakuwaqa 119   Cirdas Caverns (U)
 Foret Delve Boss
ForetFractureIndiMap.jpgcenter link=


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