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General Notes
  • Dakuwaqa is the Delve boss for Foret de Hennetiel.
  • Dakuwaqa's HP bar is normally shrouded for the duration of the battle, but is revealed after using Carcharian Verve. It remains visible so long as his aura remains active and disappears shortly after the aura state is successfully terminated.

Basic Attacks

  • Normal auto-attacks are chosen from one of three types:
    • Bite: Single target physical damage, Defense Down
    • Thrust: Conal physical damage, knockback
    • Spins in place: AoE physical damage, knockback

Damage Resistances and Susceptibilities

  • Dakuwaqa's damage resistances and susceptibilities change throughout the battle, based on remaining HP:
    • 100% - 75% HP: Resistant to blunt damage, susceptible to piercing damage
    • 74% - 50% HP: Resistant to piercing damage, susceptible to blunt damage
    • 49% - 25% HP: Resistant to magic damage, susceptible to slashing damage
    • <25% HP: Resistant to slashing damage, susceptible to magic damage
      • This knowledge can be used advantageously for timing of SP or other abilities depending on the group setup. For example, a group heavily reliant on blunt damage from monks can use Formless Strikes to lose the blunt attribute and accelerate the first 25% of the battle, then drop Formless Strikes and use Hundred Fists to greatly accelerate the next 25%.
  • Dakuwaqa can be slept with light-based sleep.


  • Carcharian Verve is used at each 25% HP threshold (the first move below 75%, 50%, and 25% HP), and randomly below 25% HP. Its two effects should be immediately dispelled (high Magic Accuracy is needed to Dispel reliably).
    • Carcharian Verve is always is quickly followed by Marine Mayhem.
    • All non-melee range players should be standing at maximum casting distance to remain out of range of Marine Mayhem.
  • All other TP moves (see below) can be used at any time.
  • Because of Tidal Guillotine's HP-based instant KO, healers need to be careful to keep the HP of players in range topped off.


  • Dakuwaqa's available debuffs and the element of his nukes depend on remaining HP and the tier of nukes cast depend remaining HP and whether the Water Spear effect is active (see below). The alignment of his elemental spells shifts with each phase:
    • 100%-75% HP Element: Water / Element: Ice
      • Debuffs: Poisonga II, Paralyga, Bindga
      • Active: Water IV, Waterga IV, Blizzard IV, Blizzaga IV
      • Inactive: Water III, Waterga III, Blizzard III, Blizzaga III
    • 74%-50% HP Element: Ice / Element: Wind
      • Debuffs: Paralyga, Silencega, Graviga
      • Active: Blizzard V, Blizzaga IV, Aero IV, Aeroga IV
      • Inactive: Blizzard IV, Blizzaga III, Aero III, Aeroga III
    • 49%-25% HP Element: Wind / Element: Water
      • Debuffs: Silencega, Poisonga II, Sleepga
      • Active: Water V, Waterja
      • Inactive: Aeroga IV, Water IV, Waterga III
    • <25% HP Element: Ice / Element: Water
      • Debuffs: Sleepga, Silencega, Dispelga
      • Active: Blizzard V, Blizzaga V, Water V, Waterga V
      • Inactive: Blizzard IV, Blizzaja, Water IV, Waterja

Water Spear Effect

  • Immediately after using Carcharian Verve, Dakuwaqa will gain a visible magical water spear effect (this effect will activate even if the move is successfully stunned).
    • Carcharian Verve is used as the first TP move and every 25% HP thereafter (as the first TP move below 75%, 50%, and 25% HP).
    • Below 25% HP, Carcharian Verve can be used randomly as a normal TP move whenever the water spear effect is not active.
    • Carcharian Verve grants extremely powerful attack and magic attack boost effects to Dakuwaqa (these effects should be dispelled immediately, Dispel goes through shield and can be used 2x as soon as ATK+ and MATK+ go up). The first several uses of this move are stunnable. Towards the end of the battle (25% and below), Carcharian Verve and Marine Mayhem ready almost immediately. Carcharian Verve is extremely difficult to stun reliably at this point and the amount of time you will have to get ready for Marine Mayhem will be dramatically reduced.
    • Stunning the move prevents the Attack and Magic Attack buffs from activating, but the Water Spear will still activate.
  • Activation of the water spear modifies Dakuwaqa's abilities and resistances:
    • Dakuwaqa is immune to Stun while the effect is active.
    • Dakuwaqa will use his highest tier elemental magic spells while the effect is active.
    • After each of the scripted uses of Carcharian Verve and activation of the water spear, Dakuwaqa will gain a potent Ice Spikes effect that lasts for thirty seconds. This is the zone buff for Foret de Hennetiel and cannot be dispelled.
    • After utilizing Carcharian Verve (even if stunned) and activation of the aura effect, the next utilized TP move will be Marine Mayhem.
      • Marine Mayhem deals water damage in a 0-5' AoE and instantly KOs any players in the 5'-20' AoE around Dakuwaqa. Because of the water spear effect, this move cannot be stunned.
      • Marine Mayhem is not used as a random TP move at any point; it is only (and always) used as the next TP move after Carcharian Verve.
    • Thunder-based attacks will be less resisted and deal increased damage while the spear is active.
      • The spear effect is removed by inflicting a certain amount of thunder elemental attacks or total damage. Utilizing melee classes with RUN sub and Sulpor is effective in doing so.
Type Aquans
Family Rockfin
Class Delve NM
Detects True Sound


Listings by Zone
Zone Rewards Abilities Spells
  Cirdas Caverns (U)
     Foret de Hennetiel Delve Fracture - Clear all NMs
Protolithic Puncture
Aquatic Lance
Pelagic Cleaver
Carcharian Verve
Tidal Guillotine
Marine Mayhem
Poisonga II
Blizzard III / IV / V
Blizzaga III / IV / V
Water III / IV / V
Waterga III / IV / V
Aero III / IV / V
Aeroga III / IV / V
Level Aggro Link Spawns DB HP MP DEF EVA Susceptible Resists
CheckCheck CheckCheck 1 FFXIDB Icon v3.png 1,250,000 CheckCheck     Element: Thunder Element: Water
Assisted By Title Absorbs Immune
Dakuwaqa Trawler

Ability Information

Ability Y' Area Target Class Type Effect Copy Image.png Condition
Protolithic Puncture 1P Enemy Magical Damage Element: Water Severe Damage
Enmity reset
Aquatic Lance Conal Enemy Physical Damage Damage, Defense Down, Magic Defense Down
Pelagic Cleaver 10 AoE Enemy Magical Damage Element: Water Damage and Max HP Down
Tidal Guillotine Conal Enemy Magical Damage Element: Water Damage or Instant KO if damage dealt would be greater than 50% of player's HP
Carcharian Verve 1P Self None User gains Attack Boost and Magic Attack Boost, removes negative status effects, activates Water Spear aura. First TP move, first move below 75%, 50%, and 25% HP, randomly when water spear is not active below 25% HP.
Marine Mayhem 20 AoE Enemy Magical Damage Element: Water Instant KO (5'-20') or water damage (<5') Only used as the next technique after Carcharian Verve
Area: 1P, AoE, Gaze, Conal · Target: Who the ability selects, Player or Monster
Class: Physical-Magical-Breath-Buff · Type: Element (E.g ice) or Damage Type (E.g piercing or blank)
Copy Image.png: Utsusemi shadows consumed (#), B Bypasses, but does not remove shadows, R Removes all shadows.