December 2008 Version Update Notes

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Delve Deep with the Moblin Maze Mongers! (12/17/2008)


Adventurers throughout Vana'diel, this is the day you've been waiting for—the Moblin Maze Mongers are finally open for business! Be the first to design a custom dungeon to explore with your friends, and reap the many rewards that await you.

For all the exciting details, just read on!

New Wedding Formalwear for Male Characters! (12/16/2008)


Husbands and aspiring bridegrooms of Vana'diel, your long wait is now over! Commencing from today, men's wedding formalwear will be made available, in the form of a dashing tuxedo.

Proceed here to learn how to smarten up and sweep your bride off her feet!

The December Version Update Cometh! (12/09/2008)


The December version update, with more new content and adjustments than you can wave a stick at, is now ready for download! The following and much, much more awaits you!
- New missions for the Wings of the Goddess expansion.
- The new in-game system, "Fields of Valor."
-The addition of the Group 2 merit point category for dancers and scholars.
- More rewarding adventuring with Treasure Caskets.
- Additions and adjustments to Campaign.
- Further tweaks to the Level Sync system.

The juicy details are available for your perusal here.

New Features for Dancers and Scholars! (12/08/2008)


The upcoming version update will have dancers and scholars across Vana'diel rejoicing in the streets, as it promises long-awaited features that will make these jobs more effective and rewarding to play than ever before!

Read on for the details!

Troves of New Treasures Await You! (12/02/2008)


It's a feeling every adventurer knows and loves—the heart-racing excitement of discovering a chest stocked full of untold riches. With the forthcoming version update, players can look forward to experiencing this thrill anew with the introduction of the "Treasure Casket," a new type of treasure chest that will hold wonders for those fortunate enough to chance upon one!

Read on for the valuable details!

Fields of Valor Beckon You! (11/28/2008)


The much-awaited December version update will see the introduction of "Fields of Valor," a brand new in-game system that will allow players to engage in light-hearted yet rewarding adventuring, regardless of whether they are bereft of company or part of a hulking party.

Click here to find out more.

Wings of the Goddess Missions! (11/25/2008)


The free-spirited Troupe Mayakov dancer, Lilisette. Her sudden arrival in the past has set in motion a series of events that may forever alter the face of world. Will the future that the denizens of Vana'diel glimpse through her eyes of azure be one of hope and triumph? Or will it be that of fire and ash?

Light will finally be shed upon the heretofore unrevealed diabolical plots that imperiled the children of Altana from within the dark recesses of the Crystal War...

Read on to find out more.

December Version Update Preview (11/17/2008)


With the release of each version update, Vana'diel continues its transformation into an ever more adventurer-friendly realm. In staying true to this tradition, the development team is working hard on a host of adjustments and additions that will allow our players to focus on what they do best: adventuring!

Read on for a sneak peek at some of the improvements scheduled for the December version update.

Moblin Maze Mongers Set to Open for Business in Jeuno! (11/14/2008)


When a nondescript manhole first popped up one day on the streets of Jeuno, none of us gave it more than a passing glance. Little did we suspect it would be the gateway to a subterranean world of adventure and riches...

Today we get up close and personal with the industrious Moblin entrepreneur whose new business venture is set to take Vana'diel by storm. Your intrepid reporter Finleen has the exclusive scoop with Maze Mongers President and CEO Goldagrik right here!

Version Update News (11/04/2008)


We're pleased to announce that the next FINAL FANTASY XI version update is on track for an early December release. In addition to the long-awaited continuation of the epic Wings of the Goddess mission arc, this patch will also feature new content designed with low-level players in mind, brand-new systems unlike anything you've seen in Vana'diel before, and much, much more!

All the exciting details will be announced here as they become available, so be sure to check back on a regular basis!

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