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Category:Delve Rewards

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All equipment rewards from Delve can be obtained in two ways:

  • Direct drop from certain NMs
  • Purchased with Mweya Plasm

Rewards can only be purchased with Mweya Plasm after obtaining the key item received after defeating one notorious monster which drops items of the same rank and Delve location, or after obtaining the title from defeating the area boss. Note that all three boss key items can be expended at once to obtain one boss item at random from the Anomaly Expert, but the items they represent will still be available for purchase with plasm.

Upgradable armor and weapons can be "mezzotinted" by Benjamien at the Inventors' Coalition, then gradually upgraded through 15 ranks with increasing and expanding stats by applying Airlixirs. Note that the Item Level on upgradable gear is based on the maximum possible stats the gear can receive (when upgraded to rank 15). For a list of rewards, see:

Delve I Rewards (Ceizak Battlegrounds, Morimar Basalt Fields, and Foret de Hennetiel)
Delve II Rewards (Marjami Ravine, Yorcia Weald, and Kamihr Drifts)

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