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Flash (Scroll) icon.png Spell Information "Pages on this wiki that reference this item"
Description: Temporarily blinds an enemy, greatly lowers its accuracy.
Type: White Magic Skill: Divine Magic
Target: Enemy Element: Element: Light
Casting Time: 0.5 seconds Recast Time: 45 seconds
Cost: 25MP Duration: Varies
Range: 20'
Volatile Enmity: 1280 Cumulative Enmity: 180
Command: /ma "Flash" <t>
Scroll: Flash (Scroll) description.png
Scroll Flags: Obtainable from Goblin Box, Usable inside Mog Garden, Can Use, CanSendPOL, NPC tradable
AH Listing: Auction House 16.png ➞ Scrolls ➞ White Magic "Find Item on FFXIAH" "Find Flash on FFXIDB"
Spell/Job Level Information
Job Level Condition
Paladin 37 N/A
White Mage 45 N/A
Rune Fencer 45 N/A


  • Often used for Enmity generation by Paladins, but this spell can also be useful as a defensive tool for good White Mages.
  • The accuracy reduction caused by this spell is very potent (-300), and will almost guarantee a miss by all but the strongest enemies.
    • This effect decreases rapidly until it wears off.
  • The effect is typically only resisted by light-based enemies or enemies which are either fully or temporarily immune to magic. That being said, though high level enemies will not resist the effect outright, it will tend to only last an instant.

Purchased From...
NPC Name Zone Notes
Zafif Al Zahbi - (J-8) 27,600 Gil
Brave Ox Rabao - (F-7) 32,200 Gil


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