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Connected Zone Mhaura Arrives at
Buburimu Peninsula H-6 Mhaura-map.jpg I-9 Buburimu Peninsula-map.jpg
Ferry - Mhaura/Al Zahbi H-10 Mhaura-map.jpg ?-? Ferry - Mhaura Al Zahbi-mmap.jpg
Ferry - Mhaura/Selbina H-10 Mhaura-map.jpg ?-? Ferry - Mhaura Selbina-map.jpg
Zone Image
Mhaura header.jpg
Map Acquisition Mhoji Roccoruh (G-9)
Port Windurst
Timeline Present
Continent Mindartia
Region Kolshushu
Zone Type City
Activities Fishing


Name Map Pos. Notes
Albin 1 (I-9)
Amalanbraux 1 (I-8)
Bihoro-Guhoro 1 (G-9)
Blandine 1 (I-9)
Celestina 1 (G-8)
Condor Eye 1 (I-9)
Dieh Yamilsiah 1 (H-10)
Ekokoko 1 (F-9)
Emila 1 (G-9)
Emyr 1 (I-9)
Felisa 1 (I-9)
Fyi Chalmwoh 1 (G-8)
Galdo 1 (G-9)
Gorpa-Masorpa 1 (G-9) Ambuscade Rewards NPC
Graine 1 (H-8)
Grimr 1 (I-9)
Hagain 1 (H-8)
Hyria 1 (F-9)
Itzha Delavhitta 1 (H-9)
Jikka-Abukka 1 (H-9)
Kamilah 1 (G-9)
Katsunaga 1 (H-9)
Keshab-Menjab 1 (H-9)
Koh Lenbalalako 1 (F-9)
Kotan-Purutan 1 (I-9)
Kupupu 1 (G-9)
Lacia 1 (I-9)
Lakom-Lukom 1 (H-9)
Laughing Bison 1 (I-9)
Name Map Pos. Notes
Ludwig 1 (H-9)
Marilionne 1 (H-7)
Mathele 1 (H-9)
Mauh Halaapah 1 (I-9)
Mauriri 1 (H-8)
Maximin 1 (H-8)
Mololo 1 (G-9)
Nereus 1 (I-8)
Nomad Moogle 1 (H-8) Job Change, Delivery Box, Mog Locker
Numi Adaligo 1 (F-9)
Orlando 1 (G-9)
Panoru-Kanoru 1 (H-8)
Pekuku 1 (H-9)
Phoochuchu 1 (H-8)
Pikini-Mikini 1 (G-9)
Radhika 1 (I-9)
Ripapa 1 (I-9)
Runito-Monito 1 (H-8)
Rycharde 1 (H-8)
Somo Aatsula 1 (H-7)
Standing Bear 1 (I-9)
Take 1 (I-8)
Vera 1 (G-10)
Willah Maratahya 1 (I-8)
Wilhelm 1 (G-10)
Yabby Tanmikey 1 (G-8)
Zexu 1 (I-9)
Zhon Kihshimo 1 (I-8)


Fame Name NPC Pos. Zone Rewards
5 A Potter's Preference Nereus I-8 Mhaura 2160 gil
2 Expertise Take I-8 Mhaura Tableware Set
2 Fisherman's Heart Katsunaga H-9 Mhaura Fishing Statistics
2 His Name is Valgeir Rycharde I-8 Mhaura Map of the Toraimarai Canal
Hitting the Marquisate Nanaa Mihgo J-3 Windurst Woods Rogue's Poulaines
4 It's Raining Mannequins Fyi Chalmwoh G-8 Mhaura Mannequin
2 Orlando's Antiques Orlando G-9 Mhaura 100-900 gil
1 Recycling Rods Keshab-Menjab H-9 Mhaura 1500 gil
Rycharde the Chef Rycharde I-8 Mhaura 1500 gil
6 Trial by Lightning Ripapa I-9 Mhaura Ramuh summon
2 Trial-Size Trial by Lightning Lacia I-9 Mhaura Ramuh summon
The Basics Rycharde I-8 Mhaura Tea Set
5 The Clue Rycharde I-8 Mhaura 3000 gil
The Old Lady Vera G-8 Mhaura Unlocks Support Jobs
4 The Sand Charm Blandine I-9 Mhaura Map of Bostaunieux Oubliette
2 Unending Chase Rycharde I-8 Mhaura 2100 gil
2 Way of the Cook Rycharde I-8 Mhaura 1000-1500 gil
If an extensive number of rewards are available, write "See Quest Page" as reward.

Historical Significance

Carved out of the cliff that faces the Strait of Pamtam, Mhaura is a peaceful port town that is part of the Federation of Windurst. Mhaura was originally a Tarutaru town, but thanks to the tolerant stance of the governor, many craftspeople of all races and nationalities have gathered here.



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