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TP Bonus

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Commonly found on the 'Martial' Series of Weapons such as the Hagun, Martial Gun and the Martial Scythe. Also appears on other weapons like Carbuncle's Pole and the new Magian Trials Weapon Skill paths. TP Bonus allows you to execute a Weapon Skill as if you had higher TP than what you have. There are two ways this can be applied.

  • For newer weapons and armor, like Magian Trials Weapon Skill paths and Moonshade earring, where the description says "TP Bonus +___", the TP Bonus is applied to any Weapon Skill even if it is in the offhand or with a different weapon type (including ranged). This kind of TP Bonus can affect Mythic and Empyrean Weapons, but does not affect Aftermath duration, type, or potency.
  • Aeonic Weapons do not give any TP Bonus if wielded off-hand.

TP Bonus is commonly used to increase the damage of the weaponskills whose damage is heavily affected by fTP such as Tachi: Gekko, Ground Strike, and Full Swing. Another common use of the TP Bonus set of weapons is to increase weaponskill accuracy on weaponskills that become more accurate with added TP. Weaponskills like Slug Shot are among the most popular weaponskills to pair with their respective Martial Weapons for boosted accuracy.


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