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The Ygnas Directive

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NOTE: Before you are able to begin this Questline, you must possess the Golden shovel cordon Key Item!

The Ygnas Directive
Required Fame Adoulin Fame Level: 9
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Fremilla, Eastern Adoulin - (K-9)
Pack Seekers of Adoulin
Title Contributer from the Shadows
Repeatable No
Description (1) Figure out where Ygnas has been sneaking off to and report back to Fremilla.

(2) Figure out the mystery behind the missing tomatoes and report back to Fremilla.

(3) Figure out exactly what Ygnas has been up to and report back to Fremilla.

(4) Figure out the nature of the relationship between the young woman at the Cafe des Larmes and Ygnas and report back to Fremilla.

(5) Figure out exactly what is going on with Ygnas and report back to Fremilla.

(6) Figure what is going on outside of Adoulin and report back to Fremilla.

Previous Quest Next Quest
The Light Within The Arciela Directive
Have completed the quest Records of Eminence.

Have completed the Seekers of Adoulin Missions.

Be in possession of the Golden shovel cordon Key Item.
Jungle Nectar
Copse Candy

18,000 Sparks of Eminence, 30,000 Experience Points
Delegate's Cuffs icon.png
Delegate's Cuffs description.png
Delegate's Cuffs
Delegate's Cuffs description.png

Delegate's Garb icon.png
Delegate's Garb description.png
Delegate's Garb
Delegate's Garb description.png

H-P Bayld icon.png 50 Pinches of High-Purity Bayld

Ygnas's insignia - Grants the ability to reforge your Seekers of Adoulin ring to its corresponding +1 version:

Adoulin Ring +1 icon.png
Adoulin Ring +1 description.png
Adoulin Ring +1
Adoulin Ring +1 description.png
Gorney Ring +1 icon.png
Gorney Ring +1 description.png
Gorney Ring +1
Gorney Ring +1 description.png
Haverton Ring +1 icon.png
Haverton Ring +1 description.png
Haverton Ring +1
Haverton Ring +1 description.png
Jann. Ring +1 icon.png
Jann. Ring +1 description.png
Janniston Ring +1
Jann. Ring +1 description.png
Karieyh Ring +1 icon.png
Karieyh Ring +1 description.png
Karieyh Ring +1
Karieyh Ring +1 description.png
Orvail Ring +1 icon.png
Orvail Ring +1 description.png
Orvail Ring +1
Orvail Ring +1 description.png
Renaye Ring +1 icon.png
Renaye Ring +1 description.png
Renaye Ring +1
Renaye Ring +1 description.png
Shneddick Ring +1 icon.png
Shneddick Ring +1 description.png
Shneddick Ring +1
Shneddick Ring +1 description.png
Thur. Ring +1 icon.png
Thur. Ring +1 description.png
Thurandaut Ring +1
Thur. Ring +1 description.png
Vocane Ring +1 icon.png
Vocane Ring +1 description.png
Vocane Ring +1
Vocane Ring +1 description.png
Weather. Ring +1 icon.png
Weather. Ring +1 description.png
Weatherspoon Ring +1
Weather. Ring +1 description.png
Woltaris Ring +1 icon.png
Woltaris Ring +1 description.png
Woltaris Ring +1
Woltaris Ring +1 description.png


This quest does not appear in the quest log like normal quests do, as it is run though Records of Eminence.

  • Talk to Ploh Trishbahk (K-9) after obtaining the Golden Shovel Cordon Key Item for a short cutscene to begin the quest.
    • Obtaining the Golden Shovel will grant you the title Contributer from the Shadows.
  • Set the The Ygnas Directive 1 Records of Eminence Objective.
    • Quests → Objective List → Other → RoE Quests 2 → The Ygnas Directive 1
  • Head to Rala Waterways and talk to Chalvava at (F-11) for a cutscene.
    • The best way there is from the Western Adoulin (Near the Mog House) entrance at (I/J-12).
  • Return to Ploh Trishbahk for a short cutscene which completes the Records of Eminence Objective and opens up the second Objective.

  • Set the The Ygnas Directive 2 Records of Eminence Objective.
    • Quests → Objective List → Other → RoE Quests 2 → The Ygnas Directive 2
  • Check the Mischief Marker in Western Adoulin at (J-11) to trigger a short cutscene with Tuffle-Buffle and Musto-Rusto.
    • The best way there is from either the Inventor's Coalition or Mog House warps.
  • Speak with Virsaint at (H-8) (near the Platea Triumphus) for a cutscene.
  • Return to Ploh Trishbahk for a cutscene which completes the Records of Eminence Objective.

  • Wait a game day after completion of the previous objective.
  • Speak with Ploh Trishbahk for a cutscene which opens up the third Objective.
  • Set the The Ygnas Directive 3 Records of Eminence Objective.
    • Quests → Objective List → Other → RoE Quests 2 → The Ygnas Directive 3
  • Speak with Roskin (near the Statue of the Goddess) for a cutscene, where he will ask for Copse Candy
    • Copse Candy can be obtained for 10,000 bayld after unlocking its purchase from Runje Desaali.
    • To unlock with Runje Desaali decline the initial offer of selling it to you for 100,000 bayld, she will offer to sell it to you for 10,000 bayld in exchange for a Jungle Nectar, which is sold by Soupox in Leafallia.
      • You don't have to decline the offer; even if you accept it, you will still be asked to retrieve the Nectar for a discount.
    • Note: Copse Candy obtained through the Login Campaign will be stolen in an amusing cutscene until you get the nectar for Runje.
  • Trade Roskin the Copse Candy for a cutscene.
    • You may be required to buy multiple candies because there is a chance for the candy to be stolen, should this happen, obtain another Copse Candy and give it to Roskin for the continuing cutscene.
  • Return to Ploh Trishbahk for a cutscene which completes the Records of Eminence Objective, rewards you with Delegate's Cuffs icon.png Delegate's Cuffs, and opens up the fourth Objective.

  • Set the The Ygnas Directive 4 Records of Eminence Objective.
    • Quests → Objective List → Other → RoE Quests 2 → The Ygnas Directive 4
  • Speak with Levil in the Pioneer's Coalition for a cutscene.
    • Speaking with Yocile, "the young woman at the Cafe des Larmes," prior will direct you to the Mummer's Coalition, however Levil must be spoken to for the quest to continue.
  • Speak with Masad in the Mummer's Coalition for another cutscene.
  • Beat Ygnas at the minigame: Boom or Bust to continue. To win, you must win 3 rounds. If you lose, speak twice with Masad to try again.
    • Purchasing the Key Item Grunt Heard 'Round the World from Runje Desaali for 30,000 Bayld will guarantee victory. This option opens up after you lose a total of 3 matches (or 9 losses).
    • A suggested tactic is to keep shooting till you bust, in the hopes that you get a 5 or 6. This will also give you enough time for Ygnis to get to either 10 or 11, at which point he will stay and preform a trick on you. After he has used his trick, he most likely will stay, at which point you can trick a high card onto him in the hopes of busting him. Since he can no longer trick you back, you either both bust, or he busts and you win. This is a reliable way to win.
    • The easiest way is to roll once then fold 9 times then go buy the key item from Runje Desaali because the game has a lot of menus and losses. Select the bottom option to buy it in the menu then return to Masad, roll once then fold 3 times again to win or use the below table if you want to play the game.
  • Each round is played by either "shooting", "staying", using a trick, or folding.
  • Shooting increases your roll in the same manner that a Corsair's Phantom Roll works.
    • Just like with Corsair's rolls, getting more than 11 total will cause you to "bust", and thus lose the round.
  • Staying closes the round for you.
    • Either play may stay while the other player may continue.
    • When both players stay, the round ends and whoever has the highest number closest to 11 wins.
  • Using a trick does one of three things:
    • You may only use one trick per round.
    • Peeking lets you look at one roll of the opponent.
      • This seems pretty pointless as you can not swap or use crooked after this.
    • Swapping lets you change one of your rolls for one of the opponent's.
      • Useful if you bust to then switch a roll in the hopes of lowering your total or causing the opponent to bust.
      • Alternatively if you have gone several rounds with one high roll and several low then you can exchange your high roll to cause the opponent to bust.
    • Crooked cards forces your opponent to reroll a roll of your choice.
      • Useful for attempting the cause the opponent to bust without messing with your rolls.
  • Folding ends the round in a loss.

  • Wait a game day after completion of the previous objective
  • Speak with Ploh Trishbahk for a cutscene which opens up the fifth Objective.
  • Set the The Ygnas Directive 5 Records of Eminence Objective.
    • Quests → Objective List → Other → RoE Quests 2 → The Ygnas Directive 5.
  • Examine the Door: Amuchuchu's Laboratory in the back of the Inventors' Coalition in Western Adoulin (J-10) for a cutsene.
  • Examine the Contemplation Site at (I-5) in Western Adoulin.
  • Check the ??? in Yorcia Weald at (I-7/8) (Near Ergon Locus, NW from the Frontier Station) for a cutscene.
    • You will have to wait until the flash and smoke animation in this cutscene then hit enter immediately as it explodes. Ygnas will leap forward and successfully completing the cutscene.
    • Failing the event will immediately allow you to repeat the event without leaving the cutscene.
  • Return to Ploh Trishbahk for a cutscene which completes the Records of Eminence Objective, rewards you with H-P Bayld icon.png 20 Pinches of High-Purity Bayld, and opens up the sixth Objective.

Brash Gramk-Droog
Durs-Vike Deathspell
Black Mage
· Ignor-Mnt Stealthslayer
Verification NeededWarrior
· Liij-Vok Waaxwane
White Mage
· Tryl-Wuj Wingrip
Assisted by a Tryl-Wuj's Puk
· Ymmr-Ulvid Gloomlight
Dark Knight
  • Trusts may be called once inside. You may Party with others if they have completed or are on The Ygnas Directive 6.
  • You'll fight alongside Ygnas and Nashu. If either are defeated, you will lose. The NPCs are very durable. They have extremely high HP and MP. If you die and reraise mid-battle, they will be able to hold out while you recover.
  • Ygnas will cast Protectra and Shellra V upon entry as well as haste and erase on himself as well as cures.
  • Ygnas will constantly attack one target after the next. Is recommended to assist him (/as <t>) and the target he is after.
  • Sleep is highly recommended. All NMs are resistant to light based sleeps, but are susceptible to dark based sleeps but Nashu will stand at a distance and cast divine magic including Banishga II which will wake slept mobs. Liij-Vok Waaxwane's Benediction will wake slept foes.
  • All of the Velkk will use their respective 1 hour abilities, and the same TP moves from incursion including Jungle Wallop (AoE Damage, Silence, Bind, and Amnesia) from melee Velkk as well as Jungle Hoodoo (Earth damage, Paralze, Plague, and a -50% Curse) from mage velkk..
  • Take care while fighting Durs-Vike Deathspell as his Meteor is rapidly cast and will tear through your trusts.
  • The Velkk all seem to have roughly 50-80k HP depending on the target.
  • A tank trust that is able to generate AoE enmity (Amchuchu) or casts cures and later uses some JA (such as August) will have hate on the Velkk when they awake.

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