Trial 997

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Trial 997
Starting NPC Magian Moogle
Location Ru'Lude Gardens (H-5)
Previous Trial Next Trial
Trial 996 Trial 998
Carnwenhan (Level 75) description.png
Carnwenhan (Level 75) description.png
Augment-Icon.png DMG:+1


Suggested Locations

  • Gneiss Leech in Abyssea - Konschtat (Conflux #6)
  • Asida in Escha - Ru'Aun proved to be a great, but also risky and dangerous, target for this trial. (View comment below Red-Notice.png)
    • go as BRD and set /NIN or /DNC as your subjob. Equip your Carnwenhan along with a DMG:1 Dagger (ex: Trainee KnifeTrainee Knife) in your offhand. With Ayanmo Armor Set, Thunder-BRD-Icon.gifMadrigals, and Food iconAccuracy Food, I had no issues hitting this target even with non ilvl weapons.
    • Summon a tank trust of your choice, along with Koru-Moru (for Distract and general support) and fill the rest of the party slots with Healer trusts.
    • Because of how little physical damage you do (both due to your weapons, and due to it being a Flan), your Trust tank will easily hold hate the entire fight. When it enters "spiky head" mode, you'll be hitting it for single digit damage. This NM also isn't particularly scary, with 4 healer/support trusts and a tank trust, my tank trust never came close to defeat.
    • Needless to say, you won't be killing this NM in the 15 minute window, but you will get the opportunity to weaponskill plenty of times on it. With the right cadence you could perform up to 80 Mordant Rime's in a single 15 minute fight. Using this method it took me 3 pops to complete this trial, and it was pretty mindless.
      • This is not the best method, I used August as my tank, Koru-Moru, Joachim, Apururu (UC), Ferreous Coffin and failed. August holds hate, but dies almost halfway into the fight. Even then, according to the previous claims, you should have about 40 WS halfway in, I fall just short of 20. 2 fights, 2 wipes, I totaled 38 WS total. You are better off finding amorphs in the Abyssea zones and going nuts.

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