A Boy's Dream

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A Boy's Dream
Required Fame San d'Oria Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: Level 50+ Paladin
Starting NPC Ailbeche, Northern San d'Oria J-8
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable Yes
Description All fishermen dream of hooking the big one. Catch him and obtain the treasure in his belly.


  • Speak with Ailbeche.
  • Talk to Exoroche at the weapon shop in Southern San d'Oria (K-7).
  • Return to and speak with Ailbeche again.
  • Trade Ailbeche a Giant Shell Bug icon.png Giant Shell Bug.
    • Either buy one off the Auction House, or go to Crawler's Nest and defeat Dreadbug via the ??? on map 2, SW of H-9.
    • If you are planning to complete this quest for other characters on the same account in one trip, you may pop Dreadbug again, only while this quest is still active, on subsequent new game days, once per game day.
    • Note: Be careful to do the above NPC interactions, as if skipped you will use up the Giant Shell Bug icon.png Giant Shell Bug you get during the next step.
  • Fish with a rod used for catching big fish in Castle Oztroja using Giant Shell Bug icon.png Giant Shell Bug as bait. Fishing skill is not required.
    • You will want to bring more than one Giant Shell Bug.
    • A Clothespole icon.png Clothespole from the Fishing Guild Merchant or Comp. Fishing Rod icon.png Composite Fishing Rod from the Auction House are likely the easiest to obtain.
      • However, even a rod not designed for large fish, such as a Willow Fish. Rod icon.png Willow Fishing Rod may be successfully used.
  • From the entrance, go through the Brass Door at (I-8) on Map 1. Be careful about the trapdoor, you can avoid falling down by quickly moving after triggering the lever if you select the wrong one.
    • On Map 2, walk towards exit (F) at (G-7) by taking the first right and following the road, proceed then to (I-7) to exit I you will be on map 7, head towards (H-8)/(H-9) and fish in the pond. There are 2 Oozes in the pond.
Castle Oztroja-map1.jpg
Castle Oztroja Map 1
Castle Oztroja-map2.jpg
Castle Oztroja Map 2
Castle Oztroja-map7.jpg
Castle Oztroja Map 7