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Allakhazam, here focusing primarily on the Final Fantasy XI portion of the website, was one of the most active communities of FFXI players back in it's day. Then IGE's holding company RPG Holdings LLC and Content Holdings LLC purchased the site in May 2006. IGE, as you might be aware, was the RMT company that plagued the game for years. Following this, Allakhazam still ended up becoming one of the official Premier Sites. Funny how that works.

While many players tried to act like they were too good for Allakhazam, there is no denying how popular and active the site was right into the Abyssea era of the game. Much of the community treated it like a moped. They were too good for Allakhazam, they'd claim! They only posted on BG and Killing Ifrit! Yeah, sure buddy.

Eventually, the new owners forced out the site's founder Allakhazam in September 2009. Gradually, most admins and moderators were replaced. The well-known Pikko separated in September 2012. Things started changing around this point in time and many of the regulars moved on.

At some point during the middle or late 2010s, some bean counter decided it would be better to delete most of Allakhazam's gigantic trove of forum threads. The FFXI site was decimated. The job, crafting, and server forums were gone; as were all of their posts. Who needs SEO weight for all of that? Not Allakhazam! This was no doubt the final nail in the coffin for the site and it continued to decline in activity. It is now a mere placeholder of where the site used to be.

In March of 2020, Allakhazam did a very exhaustive account pruning of anyone who hadn't logged into the site in 7 years. Emails were sent out but it's likely most account holder's email addresses had changed years prior. Needless to say, if you were a poster from the early days, your account is likely orphaned just like most of your posts.

Misc Bits

  • One of the traditions during the site's heyday were "Happy Friday" threads, which were a weekly equivalent an April Fool's joke.
  • One of the most beloved posters in the early years was GrumpyWookie, who told outlandish and entertaining stories.

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