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After the success of the Allied Forces of Altana winning the Crystal War, the Republic of Bastok, the Kingdom of San d'Oria, and the Federation of Windurst adopted Gil, the currency of the Grand Duchy of Jeuno, as their official currency in 868. This act was known as the Currency Union, and made the nations' former currencies obsolete. Certain Goblins are still interested in collecting these ancient currencies.

These currencies may still be collected in Dynamis and are used to upgrade Category:Relic Weapons and to a lesser extent to upgrade Category:Relic Armor. It is also possible to get these currencies from the Brigand's Chart quest or from Allied Unions, although fighting in Dynamis is the fastest means to accumulate them.

Denomination Byne (Bastok) Noit (San d'Oria) Mumu (Windurst)
1 1 Byne Bill icon.png One Byne Bill O. Bronzepiece icon.png Ordelle Bronzepiece T. Whiteshell icon.png Tukuku Whiteshell
100 100 Byne Bill icon.png One Hundred Byne Bill M. Silverpiece icon.png Montiont Silverpiece L. Jadeshell icon.png Lungo-Nango Jadeshell
10,000 10,000 Byne Bill icon.png Ten Thousand Byne Bill R. Goldpiece icon.png Ranperre Goldpiece R. Stripeshell icon.png Rimilala Stripeshell
Exchange Beadeaux - Haggleblix Davoi - Lootblox Castle Oztroja - Antiqix

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