Attribute Down

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Attribute Down effects cause the host to act with diminished attributes. There are 7 flavors, one for each major attribute: STR, DEX, AGI, VIT, INT, MND, and CHR

How to inflict Attribute Down

Name Type Notes
Absorb-STR Spell STR
Absorb-DEX Spell DEX
Absorb-AGI Spell AGI
Absorb-VIT Spell VIT
Absorb-INT Spell INT
Absorb-MND Spell MND
Absorb-CHR Spell CHR

Monster Abilities which inflict Attribute Down

Ability Family
Bubble Shower (STR) Crab
Ability Family
Scream (MND) Mandragora
Wild Oats (VIT) Mandragora

How to remove Attribute Down



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Resistance Information

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