Bastok Mission 8-1

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The Chains That Bind Us
Series Rise of the Zilart
Starting NPC Any Bastok Gate Guard
Title None
Repeatable No
Description The president has ordered a full-scale investigation of Zepwell Island. You are to travel to the Quicksand Caves located in the central Altepa Desert. Report to Iron Eater for a briefing.
Previous Mission Next Mission
On My Way Enter the Talekeeper
Rank Points


  • Speak with a Gate Guard to accept the mission.
  • Trade 6 Crystals to get the mission.
  • Visit Iron Eater at the President's Office in Metalworks.
  • Head for (G-5) in Western Altepa Desert, and enter Quicksand Caves Map 7.
    • Everyone will need Sneak here.
  • Make your way to (H-8) and open the weighted door.
    • This door can be opened solo if you possess the Key ItemLoadstone from the quest Open Sesame.
      • Simply stand on the nearby weight sensor and wait a few seconds.
    • Alternatively, the door will open by applying enough weight on the nearby sensor. One of the following is needed:
  • At (G-11), you'll find yourself in a small room. Clear it out, and then check the Galka Statue to spawn 3 Antica NMs. They can be slept.
  • It is recommended you defeat them in that order, however a well-balanced party should have little difficulty with them.
  • Check the Galka Statue again for a cutscene.
  • Make your way to (D-12) of Western Altepa Desert and enter Quicksand Caves Map 5.
    • You can also quickly access the next ??? via the Geomagnetic Fount Waypoint for Quicksand Caves. If you don't have this Fount yet, it is highly recommended you pick it up while in the vicinity.
  • Inside, head through the eastern weighted door at (K-8) this will take you to Map 6.
  • Go east to another weight device at (G-8) and proceed east again.
    • The ??? you need is on the floor infront of the mural in the room at (H-8).
  • Check the ??? for a cutscene with Zeid.
  • Return to Iron Eater for a final cutscene.