Chocobo on the Loose!

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Chocobo on the Loose!
Required Fame Jeuno Fame Level: Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Brutus (G-7), Upper Jeuno
Pack None
Title None
Repeatable No
Description A chocobo has run away from the stables in Upper Jeuno, and Brutus wants you to help bring it back.
Previous Quest Next Quest
None None
Chocobo Egg

Note: This quest along with the quest Chocobo's Wounds (The Chocobo license quest) will activate upon speaking to Brutus for the first time.


  • Head to Upper Jeuno and speak to Brutus at (G-7).
    • Help the chocobo leave when prompted.
  • Head to La Theine Plateau and check the Chocobo Tracks at the far northwest corner of (E-5), just south of the sliver of map in (E-4).
  • Return to Upper Jeuno and speak to Brutus (G-7) again.
  • Head to Southern San d'Oria and speak to Hantileon (I-11).
    • You are given three choices to select.
    • All choices are incorrect, but you must choose them anyway.
      • Select "Bring the chocobos together"
  • Return to Brutus (G-7) in Upper Jeuno one last time to complete the quest.
  • Speak to Brutus (G-7) after one game day to receive a chocobo egg.

Optional: Trade the egg to one of the VCS Trainers located in Bastok Mines, Southern San d'Oria, or Windurst Woods to begin raising a chocobo.