Clear Mind

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Job Trait Information
Description Raises amount of MP recovered while resting.
Type Level
Tier Level Obtained Value
I SMN15, BLM15, SCH20, WHM20, GEO20, BLU24*, RDM31 +3 MPwH base
II SMN30, BLM30, SCH35, WHM35, GEO40, BLU46*, RDM53 +6 MPwH base
III SMN45, BLM45, SCH50, WHM50, GEO60, BLU61*, RDM75 +9 MPwH base,
+1 MP/tick cumulative
IV SMN60, BLM60, SCH65, WHM65, GEO80, BLU66*, RDM91 +12 MPwH base,
+1 MP/tick cumulative
V SMN75, BLM75, SCH76, WHM80, GEO99, BLU99** +15 MPwH base,
+2 MP/tick cumulative
VI SMN91, BLM96, SCH91, WHM96, BLU99** +18 MPwH base,
+3 MP/tick cumulative
Blue Mage Notes * Requires the setting of appropriate spells to receive the trait.

** Requires the 100 or 1,200 Blue Mage job gift.


  • Without any Clear Mind traits, base MPwH (hMP) begins at +12 per tick (20 seconds for the first tick and 10 seconds for additional ticks), and increases by 1 with each additional tick of resting; i.e., +12, +13, +14, etc.
    • The amount added to the hMP value each tick increases to +2 with Clear Mind III (i.e., +21, +23, +25, etc), +3 with Clear Mind V, and +4 with Clear Mind VI.
  • There is no Clear Mind specific equipment; however, there are a number of items with +hMP on them. These are listed with stats +n "MP recovered while healing", and will add n MP per tick to current hMP stat.
  • Despite being able to set enough spells to theoretically obtain trait level VI, Blue Mages can only obtain trait level IV.
    • Tier V and VI may be obtained with gifts. Verification Needed

Blue Mage Job Trait Information
Minimum Set Points Needed 3
Trait Points Needed per Tier 8
Level Spell Set Points Trait Points
22 Poison Breath 1 4
24 Soporific 4 4
42 Venom Shell 3 4
46 Awful Eye 2 4
52 Filamented Hold 3 4
61 Maelstrom 5 4
64 Feather Tickle 3 4
66 Corrosive Ooze 4 4
66 Sandspray 2 4
68 Warm-Up 4 4
71 Lowing 2 4
73 Mind Blast 4 4



Clear Mind