Promathia Mission 1-3

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The Mothercrystals
Series Chains of Promathia
Starting NPC Any of the Following:
Title Ancient Flame Follower
Repeatable No
Description The first mothercrystal has been tainted with Emptiness. Hurry to the remaining crags to find out if any other stones have met the same fate.
Previous Mission Next Mission
Below the Arks An Invitation West

The goal of this mission is to reach the Spire found at the end of each of the 3 Promyvion zones and defeat all 3 of the bosses in the "Ancient Flames Beckon" battlefields. Defeating each boss gives a key item. Once you have all 3 key items the mission is completed, and the next mission starts.

With the lifting of the level cap in Promathia areas, this quest is now relatively trivial in difficulty. The walkthrough below was written for a level cap of 30. However, be aware that there are new, high-level enemies ranging from about level 78 to 80+ in these areas, but they may be avoided easily.
Trusts may be called through the entire climb and Spire fight, making it possible to solo this at 40 or even earlier.

  • Do make sure to avoid any Apex Mobs as those will agro with True Sound and require multiple endgame players to fight.

Note: Your mission log won't change to "The Mothercrystals" until clearing one of the Promyvion areas. Since the walkthrough for all 3 Promyvions are similar, they are all included in this section.


Promyvion Dem
Promyvion Holla
Promyvion Mea
Useful Items to bring:

After you are geared up and have your group ready to go, head to any of the 3 crags.

There are 4 levels inside Promyvion, each with increasing difficulty. In order to reach the next floor, you must locate and defeat a Memory Receptacle. Some floors have more than one receptacle but only one of them hides the portal to the next floor. Widescan is useful for finding them.

Sneak and Invisible are useless here as all the monsters are True Sight and/or True Sound.

  • Before fighting the receptacle, clear as many of the Strays as you can.
    • They are very weak and go down fast but they can be bothersome if a whole group of them gangs up on a mage.
    • The Receptacle will continue to spawn Strays throughout the fight, but they are easy to manage one at a time.
  • The Memory Receptacle does a rather obnoxious move called Empty Seed that does some minor damage along with a huge knockback.
    • Melee and tanks may wish to stand inside the platform next to the receptacle with their backs against one of the pillars.
  • After defeating the receptacle, the Memory stream may appear to allow you to progress to the next floor. If it doesn't, move on to another Memory Receptacle and try again.
    • If the Memory Stream does appear, kill any remaining strays (important!) and move to the next floor.
    • It should be noted that if you wish to move down a floor (i.e. to rescue someone) you will need to find an empty platform similar to the one the Memory Receptacles are on. The portal there will take you down one floor.
  • When you reach the 4th floor, there are no more receptacles.
    • The monsters on this floor can be very difficult so try your best to avoid aggro and stay together.
    • The zone to the spires are:
      • (H-8) for Dem (southwest of where you appear)
      • (K-8) for Holla (straight north, around a large hole)
      • (I-6) for Mea (southeast of where you appear).
    • The entrance to the spire is a regular zone line so any mobs chasing you can be zoned just like in any other area.
  • Use this time to go over strategies, make macros, prepare for the boss, use the bathroom, whatever you need to do.
  • When you are all ready, click on the Web of Recollections. The name of the battlefield is "Ancient Flames Beckon".
    • Some people may have started the ENM quest and be offered another choice of battlefield but make sure everyone goes into the right one.
    • All buffs except food will wear off when you enter so don't waste your Reraise charges outside!

Boss fights

  • After defeating each boss once, you will be awarded with (Key Item Light of Dem, Key Item Light of Holla and Key Item Light of Mea) and be transported out to the area in which you entered. The exception is after defeating the third Promyvion, you will appear at (K-9) in Lufaise Meadows and begin Chapter 2.
  • If you plan on using animas, create an order to use them on the boss. They each last for 30 seconds and the effect do not stack.
Zone Boss Abilities Notes
Spire of Dem Progenerator
  • Fission: Makes a mini copy of itself. Or many mini copies.
  • Quadratic Continuum: Single target damage
  • Vanity Drive: Conical damage radiating from its head.
  • Promyvion Barrier: Defense boost.
  • Spirit Absorption: Unblinkable drain. 200 HP
  • Stygian Flatus: AOE Paralyze
  • At about 50% HP, it will spawn up to 6 babies. They can be slept or killed or even ignored, they are weak. If they are killed, the boss will just continue to spawn more so plan accordingly.
  • The primary focus should be on the boss, don't waste too much time killing the babies.
Spire of Holla Wreaker
  • Trinary Absorption: Single target Drain
  • Trinary Tap: Single Target. Can absorb any buff on the target, or more than 1, along with HP.
  • Stygian Vapor: AOE Plague
  • Negative Whirl: AOE magical Damage
  • Winds of Promyvion: Erases one debuff from itself.
  • Empty Cutter: Single target damage.
  • Shadow Spread: The big one that causes the most problems. AOE Curse and Sleep. Holy Water will remove the curse and Poison Potion will prevent sleep.
  • It's a good idea to not buff the tank because buffs will just get absorbed by the boss.
  • Making a macro for Holy Water is a good idea for the people within melee range as well.
Spire of Mea Delver
  • Material Fend: Evasion Boost
  • Empty Thrash: Single target damage
  • Promyvion Brume: AOE Poison and minor damage.
  • Carousel: Blinkable, AOE damage and knockback.
  • Murk: AOE Gravity and Slow
  • Impalement: Massive damage and hate reset. Don't spam cure after this goes off or you are likely to get it next.
  • If everyone remembers to bring Antidote, and makes a macro to use them, this fight will go a lot smoother.