The Hills Are Alive

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Battlefield Information
Type: Kindred Seal Notorious Monster
Entry Item: Themis Orb
Zone: Waughroon Shrine

Participants 18
Time Limit 30 minutes

Monster Information
Name Boss? Family Job Count
Tartaruga Gigante Check.gif Adamantoise WAR 1

Reward Information
Name Class Reward Type
32,000 Gil divided evenly Item Reward Chest
Blue Pondweed Item Reward Chest
Adamantoise Egg Item Reward Chest
Strider Boots Feet Reward Chest
Grim Staff Staff Reward Chest
Grosveneur's Bow Marksmanship Reward Chest
Gawain's Axe Great Axe Reward Chest
Harlequin's Horn Instrument Reward Chest
Havoc Scythe Scythe Reward Chest
Kriegsbeil Axe Reward Chest
Leopard Axe Axe Reward Chest
Meteor Cesti Hand-to-Hand Reward Chest
Purgatory Mace Club Reward Chest
Somnus Signa Staff Reward Chest
Stylet Dagger Reward Chest
Zen Pole Staff Reward Chest
Adaman Chain Item Reward Chest
Adamantoise Shell Item Reward Chest
Angel Skin Item Reward Chest
Beetle Blood Item Reward Chest
Damascene Cloth Item Reward Chest
Damascus Ingot Item Reward Chest
Malboro Fiber Item Reward Chest
Philosopher's Stone Item Reward Chest
Phoenix Feather Item Reward Chest
Raxa Item Reward Chest
Hi-Reraiser Medicine Reward Chest
Hi-Ether +3 Medicine Reward Chest
Hi-Potion +3 Medicine Reward Chest
Icarus Wing Medicine Reward Chest
Agility Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Strength Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Charisma Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Vitality Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Intelligence Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Mind Potion Medicine Reward Chest
Dexterity Potion Medicine Reward Chest


  • Tartaruga Gigante fight is very similar to fighting Aspidochelone.
  • He will periodically retreat into its shell. When this happens:
    • It will gain an extremely strong Regen effect.
    • It gains slightly higher defense.
    • Doing a significant amount of damage (approximately 4000?) will often prompt it to retreat into or out of its shell.
  • A typical tactic to defeat this NM is to make use of Skillchains and Magic Burst (usually Darkness or Distortion with a burst of Blizzard IV or Freeze II) to keep the turtle out of its shell.
    • It is important to control the amount of damage you burst so that you do not drive it back into its shell in the same volley. Timing your magic burst is a good way to do this.
    • It is also important that you try to keep him Silenced, as he will not change his shell state if he is casting.
  • This KSNM is easily done with 18 Black Mages or a well coordinated group with a pair of melee and 3 good nukers.
  • The loot pool follows this pattern:
    • Level 70+ Weapon (100%)
    • Level 70+ Weapon (100%)
    • Adaman item, Strider Boots, or Healing Staff (100%)
    • Crafting item (100%)
    • Crafting item or Medicine (100%)
    • Crafting item or Medicine (100%)
    • Medicine (100%)
    • Blue Pondweed (100%)
    • Crafting item (100%)
    • Crafting item (100%)