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Mission Progress Summary
The Kingdom of Sandoria Rank 10 (Complete)
The Republic of Bastok Rank 0
The Federation of Windurst Rank 0
Rise of the Zilart Mission 20 (Complete)
Chains of Promathia Chapter 8-5 (Complete)
Treasures of Aht Urhgan Mission 48 (Complete)
Wings of the Goddess Mission 3
Assault First Lieutenant
Campaign Ops Sterling Star ยงยง
Quest Progress Summary
The Kingdom of Sandoria 62/79 (78.5%)
The Republic of Bastok 62/86 (72.1%)
The Federation of Windurst 51/89 (57.3%)
Grand Duchy of Jeuno 58/84 (69%)
Other Areas 28/65 (43.1%)
Outlands 24/52 (46.2%)
Treasures of Aht Urhgan 29/60 (48.3%)
Wings of the Goddess 6/19 (31.6%)
Total 320/534 (63.5%)