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About Me

I'm Goddess from the Gilgamesh Server.
I'm a proud sackholder for the HNM Linkshell, Osiris.
I'm also an avid reader of the BlueGartr forums. My Profile
Current BGWiki Administrator that oversees the integrity of the backbone for BGWiki.

Feel free to drop suggestions and/or comments. ^^
USA-Flag.png This player plays from the United States.
ServerIcon.png This player plays on the Gilgamesh server.
Calendar-icon.gif This player has been playing FFXI since Oct. 28th, 2003 1:15PM.

I really love creating snazzy, original layouts for my userpage, feel free to nab them if you wish (small note of credit would be much appreciated ^^).

Jobs-Merits (Link to gear setups)

Mission/Quest Log

Personally Maintained Pages

Things to work on

  • Converting Job Abilities to an advanced template.
  • Creating and converting an "equipment modifications" advanced template with subtemplate.
  • Assisting in completing BGWiki:Getting Started backbone.
  • Spicing up all pages directly linked from sidebar with pictures and snazzy layouts.


Dynamis - Bastok Dynamis - San d'Oria Dynamis - Windurst
DRG Check.gif NIN N/A WAR N/A PLD Check.gif BLU Eks.gif DRG Check.gif NIN Check.gif WAR Check.gif PLD Eks.gif BLU Eks.gif DRG N/A NIN --- WAR --- PLD Eks.gif BLU Check.gif
Dynamis - Jeuno Dynamis - Beaucedine Dynamis - Xarcabard
DRG Check.gif NIN Check.gif WAR Check.gif PLD N/A BLU N/A DRG Check.gif NIN Check.gif WAR Check.gif PLD Eks.gif BLU Check.gif DRG Check.gif NIN Check.gif WAR Check.gif PLD Eks.gif BLU Eks.gif
Dynamis - Buburimu Dynamis - Qufim Dynamis - Valkurm
DRG Check.gif NIN Check.gif WAR --- PLD Eks.gif BLU Eks.gif DRG --- NIN --- WAR --- PLD Eks.gif BLU --- DRG Eks.gif NIN --- WAR --- PLD Check.gif BLU Check.gif
Eks.gif Dynamis - Tavnazia Eks.gif Accessories
DRG --- NIN Eks.gif WAR Eks.gif PLD Eks.gif BLU Eks.gif DRG Eks.gif NIN Eks.gif WAR Eks.gif PLD Eks.gif BLU Eks.gif DRG Eks.gif NIN Eks.gif WAR Eks.gif PLD Eks.gif BLU Eks.gif


Slot Salvage Armor Lv. 15 Lv. 25 Lv. 35
Morrigan's Set
Head Morrigan's Coron. Nemain's Crown Bodb's Crown Macha's Crown
Body Morrigan's Robe Nemain's Robe Bodb's Robe Macha's Coat
Hands Morrigan's Cuffs Nemain's Cuffs Bodb's Cuffs Macha's Cuffs
Legs Morrigan's Slops Nemain's Slops Bodb's Slops Macha's Slops
Feet Morrigan's Pgch. Nemain's Sabots Bodb's Pigaches Macha's Pigaches
Ares's Set
Body Ares's Cuirass Enyo's Brstplate Phobos's Cuirass Deimos's Cuirass

Einherjar Progress

Wing I
Rossweisse's Chamber Grimgerde's Chamber Siegrune's Chamber
Wing II
Helmwige's Chamber Schwertleite's Chamber Waltraute's Chamber
Wing III
Ortlinde's Chamber Gerhilde's Chamber Brunhilde's Chamber
Valgrind Therion Ichor
Odin's Chamber 13,500

Relic Weapon Progress

Gungnir (Progress abandoned)
Relic Lance Hotspur Lance Dynamis Lance Gae Assail
4/4 L. Jadeshells 0/16 100 Byne Bills
(sold 16 100 Byne Bills)
0/61 M. Silverpieces
(sold 8 M. Silverpieces)
0/100 L. Jadeshells
Tizona (BLU Sword)
Wightslayer Eks.gif
Elite Einherjar Eks.gif Gorgonstone Sunderer Eks.gif Shining Scale Rifler Eks.gif Troll Subjugator Eks.gif
Comet Charioteer Check.gif Moon Charioteer Check.gif Sun Charioteer Eks.gif Star Charioteer Eks.gif
Alexandrite 0/50,000 Balrahn's Eyepatch Eks.gif Wyrmseeker Areuhat Eks.gif
??? Eks.gif

Stuff Lent

Name Items Date Lent
Marlboroyoda Emperor Hairpin
Leaping Boots
August 2006
Annubys Magna F Chausses
Magna F Ledelsens
April 7, 2007
Imitarate Pallas's Bracelets August 2007
Ellinie Sniper's Ring x2 January 2008
Sirlancelot Jr.Msk.Chakram Plus 1 August 2008

Stuff Borrowed

Name Items Date Borrowed
- - -