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Paralysis occasionally prevents the host from attacking, using ranged attacks, using job abilities and casting spells.

How to inflict Paralysis

Name Type Notes

Monster Abilities which inflict Paralysis

Ability Family
Ability Family

How to remove Paralysis




Resistance Information

Additional Notes

  • There is a chance of the paralysis effect occurring on every spell cast, melee attack round, or ranged attack, preventing the spell or attack from occurring.
    • Entire melee attack rounds, rather than individual swings, are susceptible to paralysis.
  • Job Abilities which are paralyzed cannot be reused until the ability re-use timer has elapsed. The only exception to this is two-hour abilities.
  • Spells which are paralyzed can be re-cast after a brief delay.
  • Items which are paralyzed are not lost and usage can be reattempted after a brief delay.
  • Weapon Skills are not affected by paralysis.