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Apex Party.png

True to their name, Apex monsters are high level and high HP foes which yield a high quantity of Capacity Points. This makes them some of the best targets for players to gain Job Points.

Apex foes are only found in the dungeon zones of the Adoulin region. These same dungeons have nearly no penalty for grouping up to gain Capacity Points in them. Unlike outside, where adding party members (trusts excluded) will noticeably reduce the total points gained per monster.

Typically, players will either group up and form "CP PTs" with friends and linkshell members and/or simply shout for specific jobs. This is not to say players may not simply solo weaker Apex monsters, but unless they really enjoy grinding points and don't value their time. Then real parties should be formed between players instead.

Apex Strategies

Several strategies are common while dealing with Apexes. This will depend on not only which jobs are available to the group, but the jobs players wish to CP on.
Points may only be gained for the current job being used and are not shareable like Merit Points are.

Magic Burst

Most commonly occurring in Dho Gates as Crabs provide Aspir fodder, and are of a decent difficulty more often for average shout members. Almost no monsters after these Crabs have an MP pool to utilize.
Typically these setups involve a pair of DDs to create skillchains to burst, a GEO, and a combination of support and nukers.

  • However, a COR or SMN (ideally Shiva for Avatar's Favor) works as well. Ideally you should defeat the mob in a single MB volley. Mages may use a high tier nuke then burst again with a weaker nuke.
  • Keep in mind how SDT tiers change from skillchains and multiple skillchains.

See also: Magic Accuracy Food.


More common, and often more viable against a large array of targets are skillchain style apex parties. Where multiple skillchains from powerful weapon skills are coordinated between DDs.
Players will want to aim for a level 2 skillchain, into a level 3, and then a level 4.

  • See the Skillchain page for information on skillchaining.
  • A tool like FFXI Calc may be very useful to you for finding skillchains without as much work.
  • Each weapon type page on the wiki or the Weapon Skills page itself has the skillchain elements listed.
  • While using level 2 properties together to create the first level 2 skillchain is convenient. Often times you will be stuck looking at the secondary/level 1 properties of a weaponskill

For example, a party of DRG, THF, PLD, BRD or COR, GEO, WHM against Apex Bats in Dho Gates.

  • BRD or COR buffs and pulls then sleeps while the PLD tanks. You don't even really need a tank *. Defense Food works well too in this role with proper buffs/debuffs.
  • COR is ideal for Allies' Roll, but it shouldn't matter too much really.
  • You could also run this with another job like RDM magic bursting each step or even meleeing, skillchaining, and magic bursting at the end if need be. Don't forget about Inundation.
  • While you can't put a price on the sweetness of capping attack via Geo-Frailty, decent/good DDs with Allies' Roll against Doh or even Woh gates targets (gear, targets, and buffs depending) shouldn't require this to down a mob given Dia II/III and other buffs from jobs like BRD or SMN.

Parties may even form magically based strategies where Geo-Malaise is used for something like Leaden Salute as powerful a Dark SC Icon.png Dark SC closer to multiple physical weapon skills. There could even be a player there to magic burst after the fact if desired or necessary, given the buffs in this example.

*Newer PLDs may find better use /NIN with two swords to help open or close SCs for magic burst PTs. While more geared ones for example, may go /SAM to use Torcleaver in a skillchain setting. Monsters should be dying relatively quickly, and a tanking PLD does not bring much DPS to the table to really merit being in a melee orientated party. Although they would also serve well as a good job to pull a horde of enemies for an AoE damage style party on ordinary nonapex enemies.
One should evaluate what they bring to the table as their job and what they fit best into. If you don't understand that then it is on you to gain some insight into your own jobs. Players are advised to use the fucking internet to find information.

In Conclusion

Players should be most concerned with their Capacity Point Bonuses and kill effectiveness than their party set ups as there is a lot of room to succeed. Obtain a chunk of your CP bonuses before you even set out to gain Capacity Points.

Often times players yell for ridiculous, frivolous, or needless requirements to get into their CP PTs. Just ignore these people as they feel more entitled than anything and often times are only half as good as they think they are at best.
While you wouldn't want to head out to camp only to realize an invited player isn't up to the task. There are better ways than setting up to overkill the target. Be up front with a party you wish to join nonetheless.

Players new to Apex mobs should feel free to solo in Moh and Woh Gates to get the feel of it real quick. Then form small parties with friends or random people and fill their empty slots with trusts.
The end goal should be to work their way up towards a full party earning millions of CP an hour.

Moh Gates

Moh Gates
Levels 125-127
Recommended Entrance
Morimar Basalt Fields
  • Frontier Station Bivouac
Monsters Job Spawns Aggro Detects 95% Hit Rate
Apex Eft WAR 17 Eks.gif 1,029
Apex Eruca WAR 10 Check.gif Sound 1,029
Apex Matamata WAR 9 Check.gif Sound 1,029
Apex Raptor WAR 10 Check.gif Sound 1,029
Updated marked map moh gates map 1.jpeg

Updated marked map moh gates map 1.jpeg

← Eruca x5
Eruca ↓x5

← Eft x17


← Raptor x10
← Matamata x9

}} }}

Sih Gates

Sih Gates
Levels 125-127
Recommended Entrance
Foret de Hennetiel
  • Frontier Station Bivouac
Monsters Job Spawns Aggro Detects 95% Hit Rate
Apex Chapuli WAR 14 Check.gif Sight 1,029
Apex Jagil WAR 10 Eks.gif 1,029
Apex Leech WAR 19 Check.gif Sound 1,029
Apex Mandragora MNK 16 Check.gif Sound 1,049
Updated marked map sih gates map 1.jpeg

Updated marked map sih gates map 1.jpeg

← Mandragora x8
← Leech x6
Chapuli x6
Jagil x10
← Leech x5
Leech x8 ↓
Chapuli x8
Mandragora ↑ x8

Dho Gates

Doh Gates
Levels 128-130
Dho Gates Zone 2.png
Recommended Entrance
Foret de Hennetiel
Monsters Job Spawns Aggro Detects 95% Hit Rate
Apex Bats WAR 27 Check.gif Sound 1113
Apex Crab PLD 25 Check.gif Sound 1113
Apex Craklaw WAR 14 Check.gif Sound 1113
Apex Jagil WAR 15 Check.gif Sound 1113
Updated marked map dho gates map 1.jpeg

Updated marked map dho gates map 1.jpeg

← All Mobs x1

Woh Gates

Woh Gates
Levels 131-133
Woh Gates Zone.png
Recommended Entrance
Marjami Ravine
  • Bivouac #4
Monsters Job Spawns Aggro Detects 95% Hit Rate
Apex Jagil WAR 29 Eks.gif 1,203
Apex Toad WAR 18 Eks.gif 1,203
Velkk Abyssal DRK 6 Check.gif Sight 1,203
Velkk Junglemancer BLM 6 Check.gif Sight 1,192
Velkk Mindmelter RDM 2 Check.gif Sight 1,192
Velkk Tearlicker WAR 4 Check.gif Sight 1,203
Updated marked map woh gates.jpeg

Updated marked map woh gates.jpeg


Outer Ra'Kaznar

Outer Ra'Kaznar
Levels 134-136
Outer Ra'Kaznar Zone.jpg
Recommended Entrance
Enigmatic Waypoint
  • Outer Ra'Kaznar
Monsters Job Spawns Aggro Detects 95% Hit Rate
Apex Bat WAR 16 Eks.gif 1,294
Apex Twitherym WAR 16 Eks.gif 1,282
Apex Ironclad WAR 4 Check.gif Sight Sound 1,294
Updated marked map outer ra'kaznar map 2.jpeg

Updated marked map outer ra'kaznar map 1.jpeg

Updated marked map outer ra'kaznar map 2.jpeg

  • Twitheryms at E12 (2nd floor).
  • Bats (single) at D5 (2nd floor).
  • Ironclads: 2 at each of the camps above.
    • Neither the Bats nor Twitherym aggro or link at all.
    • Ironclads aggro from 10' sound/7.5' sight, but the room is huge and they're typically tucked in a corner, so you'll have more than enough space to avoid them.

Ra'Kaznar Inner Court

Ra'Kaznar Inner Court
Levels 137-139
Ra'Kaznar Inner Court Zone.jpg
Recommended Entrance
Ra'Kaznar Inner Court
Monsters Job Spawns Aggro Detects 95% Hit Rate
Apex Bats WAR 6 Check.gif Sound 1,384
Apex Bhoot BLM 18 Check.gif Sound HP 1,384
Apex Cyhiraeth BLM 13 Check.gif Sound HP 1,359
Apex Draugar BLM
18 Check.gif Sound HP 1,359
Apex Poxhound WAR 10 Check.gif Sound HP 1,384
Apex Umbril WAR 22 Check.gif Sight Magic 1,384
Apex Vodoriga WAR 12 Check.gif Sight 1,384 (Ground)
1,454 (Flying)
Disheveled Naraka WAR 2 Check.gif Sound HP 1,384
Enigmatic Vampyr WAR 1 Check.gif Sight Sound HP 1,384
Inimical Corse BLM 2 Check.gif Sound HP 1,384
Powercrazed Dvergr BLM 2 Check.gif Sight Magic Verification Needed 1,359
Updated marked map ra'kaznar inner court map 1.jpeg

Updated marked map ra'kaznar inner court map 1.jpeg

Updated marked map ra'kaznar inner court map 2.jpeg

  • All the Apexes are located at the northern parts of both map 1 and 2.
  • Apex Poxhound can be found at (J-3) of Map 1.
  • Apex Draugar can be found at (K-2) of Map 1.


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