Apex Bhoot

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General Notes

Apex Bhoot
Type Undead
Family Ghost
Job Chaos Burgeonet icon.png Dark Knight
Sub Job Wizard's Petasos icon.png Black Mage
Class Apex Monster
Physical Damage Magical Damage Breath Damage Slashing Blunt H2H Piercing Ranged
100% 75% 100% 75% 50% 50% 75% 75%
Element: Fire Element: Wind Element: Thunder Element: Light Element: Ice Element: Earth Element: Water Element: Dark
130% 115% 115% 130% 40% 100% 115% 40%
A: Absorbs · S: Susceptible · R: Resists

100% denotates that a monster takes full damage.
Tiers of 50% or less guarantee a spell resist.

Listings by Zone
Zone Rewards Abilities Spells
  Ra'Kaznar Inner Court
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Level Aggro Links Detects HP DEF EVA Magic DEF
137-139 Question Question Sound HP ~198,000-210,100 1381-1447 1284-1344 100
Assisted By Title Traits MP

Ability Information

Ability Y' Area Target Class Type Effect Copy Image.png Condition
Perdition 1P Player Magical Damage Instantly KO's the target.
Area: 1P, AoE, Gaze, Conal · Target: Who the ability selects, Player or Monster
Class: Physical-Magical-Breath-Buff · Type: Element (E.g ice) or Damage Type (E.g piercing or blank)
Copy Image.png: Utsusemi shadows consumed (#), B Bypasses, but does not remove shadows, R Removes all shadows.