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Geomantic Reservoirs are spots located around Vana'diel from which Geomancers can learn Geocolure spells. A Geocolure spell can be learned only after the corresponding Indicolure spell has been learned and the Geomancer's level is at least four levels above the Indicolure spell's level. For example, a Geomancer can learn Geo-Poison at the reservoir in East Ronfaure at level 5 or above as long as they already have learned Indi-Poison (a level 1 spell) by using the corresponding scroll.

Note: While learning the spell, after the message "The arcane energies begin to course within your veins" appears, do not immediately accept the next line (a blank line).

If you wait while on the blank line until a Blue.png appears over your character's head, then immediately move on to the next dialogue line, you will receive a guaranteed Geomancy skill up after learning the spell. Your reaction time will determine the amount of the skill up, up to 0.9 with a near-instant reaction. This can be performed once per reservoir while learning the spells.
Geomantic Reservoir Locations
Spell GEO Level Area Position Comments
Geo-Poison 5 East Ronfaure (I-7) In the river, just below the falls
Geo-Voidance 8 Tahrongi Canyon (H/I-7) Small alcove in the middle of a mountain circle
Geo-Precision 14 Konschtat Highlands (F/G-6) Surrounded by three boulders
Geo-Regen 19 La Theine Plateau (J/K-5) Accessible via ramp in (H-7), then through tunnel at bottom to the east.
Geo-Attunement 20 Qufim (I-9) Next to the spine, in the tunnel near Port Jeuno
Geo-Focus 26 Gusgen Mines (G-8) West room where the Fly Agaric spawn
Geo-Barrier 32 Batallia Downs (D-7) On top of a hill
Geo-Refresh 34 La Theine Plateau (H-10) Through Ordelle's Caves (use Proto-Waypoint warp if available)
Geo-CHR 34 Lower Delkfutt's Tower (E-8) Second floor, use stairs to the southwest on first floor (directly west of the entrance)
Geo-MND 37 Rolanberry Fields (J-10) Next to the pond
Geo-Fury 38 Sauromugue Champaign (K-6) Located in a crater near Deadly Dodo area
Geo-INT 40 Beaucedine Glacier (H-9) Near a lake (use Outpost or Survival Guide warps if available)
Geo-AGI 43 Castle Oztroja (H-8) Second floor, exterior area to the west (from (G-7) on second floor map). Southeast corner of H-8.
Geo-Fend 44 Davoi (J-11) Off the map along the river
Geo-VIT 46 Garlaige Citadel (H-9) Map 2 (Behind Gate #1), behind the Fetid Flesh, where the Garlaige Chest spawns.
Geo-DEX 49 Behemoth's Dominion (E-8) Use south path towards Behemoth pop area. The quickest way to get there is to use the Unity Concord warp by selecting "Subjugation: Sovereign Behem." quest. You'll land at F-7, just North of the Geomantic Reservior.
Geo-Acumen 50 Beaucedine Glacier (J-6) Next to lake heading toward Fei'Yin at the edge of J-7.
Geo-STR 52 Crawlers' Nest (F-6) Using the Voidwatch works, but you materialize outside the nest. Using the Survival Guide places you inside. In either case travel to F-6 and find it just after where Demonic Tiphia pops (southwest corner of the room).
Geo-Slow 52 Beadeaux (K-8) Northwest (top left) corner of K-8, in the middle of four stone pillars, near some Broo.
Geo-Torpor 56 Xarcabard (F-7) Above zone to Uleguerand Range
Geo-Slip 62 The Eldieme Necropolis (J-11) Enter from Batallia Downs (H-7), straight south
Geo-Languor 68 Bostaunieux Oubliette (I-11) Second map, near Sewer Syrup OLD area
Geo-Paralysis 72 Fei'Yin (H-5) Basement level next to the pool. (Use Home Point #2)
Geo-Vex 74 Upper Delkfutt's Tower (G-7) Floor 12, northwest room (Use Home Point #1)
Geo-Frailty 80 Ceizak Battlegrounds (F-8) Left-most middle of (F-8) (Use Bivouac 3 waypoint)
Geo-Wilt 86 Yahse Hunting Grounds (K-7) On northern beach, near water (Use Station waypoint)
Geo-Malaise 92 Morimar Basalt Fields (J-6) Middle of J-6, near mandragoras next to a wall (Use Bivouac 1 waypoint)
Geo-Gravity 92 Foret de Hennetiel (I-7) Bottom left corner of (I-7), next to the water (Use Station waypoint)
Geo-Haste 97 Marjami Ravine (J-6) Top right corner of (J-6), near the Ergon Locus (Use Station waypoint)
Geo-Fade 98 Morimar Basalt Fields (G-8) Near a hot spring. (Use Bivouac 3 waypoint, mount up and snake north/northwest)

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