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Guardian of the Void

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Guardian of the Void.jpg
Guardian of the Void
Required Fame Unknown
Level Restriction: None
Starting NPC Clients: Cait Sith, Kupofried, Pashhow Marshlands (S)
Pack Wings of the Goddess
Title None
Repeatable No
Description At the behest of this enigmatic duo, you have sworn to protect Vana'diel from the Voidwalker menace. Seek out comrades in the fight, that you might send these interdimensional intruders back to the darkness whence they came!
Previous Quest Next Quest
None Drafted by the Duchy
See below

This is the first in a line of quests revolving around the mini storyline/battle content Voidwatch.


Prior to participating in this quest, players must fulfill the following three requirements:

1. The player must have entered Walk of Echoes via the Veridical Conflux in Xarcabard (S) at (H-9) at least once. You will need to be on or past the WOTG mission Cait Sith to do this.

2. Obtain all three Tier IV stratum abyssites by defeating Voidwatch NMs. To do this, complete the following:

3. Defeat each Tier IV Voidwatch NM while in possession of the matching tier IV stratum abyssite to receive the following titles:

  • Once the above requirements are completed, you can actually begin the quest.


  • Travel to Pashhow Marshlands (S) and click on the Veridical Conflux located near the Pashhow Gate Crystal in (J-9) to start a cutscene.
    • The cutscene begins the quest, and it then appears in your quest log.
  • Speak with a Voidwatch Officer in one of the three nations (past or present) to receive the key item Voidwatch alarum
    • The quest is now completed and the next is flagged at this point.

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