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Magic Accuracy

From BG FFXI Wiki
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Upon casting a spell on an enemy target, the caster's Magic Accuracy is compared to the target's Magic Evasion to determine Magic Hit Rate (and the Resist rate or distribution of Resist states) for Magic.

At a hit rate above 50% (resist rate below 50%), Magic Accuracy +1 = Magic Hit Rate +1% on a single-state spell (no resist states) up to the 95% cap. Below 50% Magic Hit Rate, +1 Magic Accuracy = +0.5% Magic Hit Rate.

There are several components of Magic Accuracy:

  • Total relevant magic skill (enfeebling, elemental, etc.)
    • 1 Skill = 1 Magic Accuracy
    • Magic Accuracy for Songs is proportional to the sum of Singing skill and Instrument skill for the equipped instrument type, but it is unclear whether there is a further modifier.
  • dSTAT : The difference between a caster's attribute and the same attribute on the target.
    • +1 Stat = +1 Magic Accuracy until dSTAT > 10~15 at which point +1 Stat = +0.5 Magic Accuracy
    • The associated stat varies based on the type of magic spell:
  • Magic Accuracy from equipment, Job Abilities, Atma, Atmacite, etc.
    • There is a vast selection of gear options with magic accuracy: a table listing all of them at once would be cumbersome and difficult to navigate.
    • Search for Magic Accuracy gear on FFXIAH (search options can be further specified by job, level, etc. using the advanced search options at the top of the page).

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