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Spell Information
Description: Summons a massive meteor from the heavens to smite your foes.
Type: Black Magic Skill: Elemental Magic
Target: Enemy (AoE) Element: Non-elemental
Casting Time: 8 seconds Recast Time: 3 minutes
Cost: 418 MP
Range: 20'
Base Value 964 Multiplier See below
Volatile Enmity: Question Cumulative Enmity: Question
Command: /ma "Meteor" <t> Scroll Page Link: "View the Scroll Page"
Spell/Job Level Information
Job Level Condition
Black Mage 99 Elemental Seal


  • Meteor can only be cast while Elemental Seal is in effect.
  • Meteor cannot be resisted, although its damage is magical and can be reduced normally by enemy Magic Defense Bonus or MDT.
  • Meteor is a group cast spell and can be cast by up to six black mages in a party simultaneously. The spell will fire only once and the damage dealt will increase with each additional black mage casting.
    • The spell damage is affected most greatly by the last black mage to cast the spell (and least by the first black mage). Therefore, mages should cast in order of lowest damage potential to highest damage potential, based on their gear and statistics.
    • The last black mage to cast will be considered the spell leader; the spell will fire once their spell casting timer is complete.
      • The enmity is assigned to the final caster, who will likely need to use Enmity Douse to survive if the monster was not killed.
    • Only one party per alliance can cast Meteor simultaneously. Members of other parties who try to cast will have their casting reset.
  • Unlike other nukes, elemental magic skill contributes directly to Meteor base damage, and the damage is independent of the enemy's INT.
    • Excluding MDB and MDT effects, each BLM's base damage can be approximated as: (1+MAB/100)*floor(INT + Elemental Magic Skill/6)*3.5
    • The base damage from each BLM is multiplied by up to 6.5 depending on the number of casters and their positions in the casting order.
  • Meteor damage is non-elemental magic damage and is not affected positively or negatively by any weather/day effects or any damage or accuracy affinity staves.
  • Monsters will receive heavy damage resistance and magic evasion to Meteor after it has been cast once. This resistance and evasion will diminish gradually over five minutes and be reset completely after five minutes have passed.


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