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Porter Moogle

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Porter Moogle.jpg
Location: Mog Garden
Northern San d'Oria - (K-8)
Bastok Markets - (I-9)
Port Windurst - (L-6)
Lower Jeuno - (I-6)
Tavnazian Safehold - (F-8)
Aht Urhgan Whitegate - (I-11)
Western Adoulin - (H-11)
Selbina - (I-9)
Mhaura - (I-8)
Rabao - (G-8)
Kazham - (H-9)
Norg - (G-7)
Nashmau - (H-6)
Southern San d'Oria (S) - (M-5)
Bastok Markets (S) - (H-7)
Windurst Waters (S) - (L-10)
Type: Player Services
Description: Sells players Storage Slips for 1,000 gil and allows players to store and retrieve items.


If you are unsure of the slip to use for an item, simply trade that item to the Moogle and you will be informed of the correct slip.

If you own the corresponding slip, the Porter Moogle will denote where it is.

Signed items will lose their signature upon being stored.

Equipment currently undergoing a Magian Trial cannot be stored until completed.

Spaghetti Code note: The Porter Moogle will note slips in the wrong location depending on where they are in your expanded inventory.

The Porter Moogle will state the slip is...

  • In your Mog Wardrobe when it is in your Mog Case.
    • Slips can't even be stored in Mog Wardrobes.
  • In your Mog Sack when it is in your Mog Case.
  • In your Mog Satchel when it is in your Mog Sack.
  • In your Mog Locker when it is in your Mog Satchel.
  • In your Storage when it is in your Mog Locker (noted as Mog House storage\Mog Locker).

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